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Departments of Theoretical Profile

Department of Human Anatom
Department of Biochemistry and General Chemistry
Department of Histology
Department of Hygiene and Ecology
Department of Foreign Languages
Department of Microbiology
Department of Emergency and Military Medicine
Department of Medical Biology
Department of Human Physiology
Department of Operative Surgery and Clinical Anatomy
Department of Pathological Physiology
Department of Natural Science
Department of Social Medicine and Organization of Public Health Services
Department of Ukrainian Language and Culture
Department of Physical Training and Exercise Therapy
Department of Philosophy and Social Sciences
Department of Pharmacology
Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Department of Pharmacy

Departments of Clinical Profile

Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology No. 1
Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology No. 2
Department of Anesthesiology, Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine
Department of Internal Medicine, Faculty of Medicine No. 2
Department of Internal Medicine No. 1
Department of Internal Medicine No. 2
Department of Internal Medicine No. 3
Department of Internal and Family Medicine
Department of Pediatric Infectious Diseases
Department of Pediatric Surgery
Department of Endocrinology
Department of General Surgery
Department of Infectious Diseases
Department of Pathological Anatomy, Forensic Medicine and Law
Department of Clinical Pharmacy and Clinical Pharmacology
Department of Medical Psychology and Psychiatry
The Department of Medical Rehabilitation and Medical and Social Expertise
Department of Endoscopy and Cardiovascular Surgery
Department of Neurology with Neurosurgery
Department of Oncology, X-ray diagnostics and Therapy
The Сourse of Radiology (The Course of Diagnostic Imaging, Radiation Therapy and Nuclear Medicine)
Department of Traumatology and Orthopedics
Department of Orthopedic Dentistry (Prosthetic Stomatology)
Department of Otorhinolaryngology
Department of Ophthalmology
Department of Pediatrics No. 1
Department of Propedeutics of Internal Medicine
Department of Propedeutics of Pediatric Diseases with Patient Care
Department of Psychiatry
Department of Pediatric Dentistry
Department of Therapeutic Stomatology
Department of Surgery of Medicine faculty No. 2
Department of Surgery No. 1
Course of Urology
Department of Surgery No. 2
Course of Basic Stomatology
Department of Surgical Dentistry
Department of Skin and Venereal Diseases

Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology

The staff of the department, doctoral students, graduate students, undergraduates conducted a study of the reproductive potential and the search for solutions to the problems of preserving the health of women in its various aspects. Improvement of results of operative organ-preserving treatment of women of reproductive age in the presence of uterine fibromyoma and in improvement of the basic reproductive capacity in the remote postoperative period. For the first time the method of chemical hydrodissection of uterine tissues with conservative myomectomy is substantiated and put into practice.

The results of scientific research were reported at international congresses of all-Ukrainian and university conferences, published in journals accredited by the Higher Attestation Commission of Ukraine and other publications.

Students of 4-6 courses, interns were involved in the research work of the department. The joint work is published both in the materials of the student conference and in the theses of the conference of young scientists.

The results of scientific research are protected by patents, incorporated into the practice of health care.

The research work of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology № 1 is «Research of the reproductive potential and the solution of problems of health protection of women», which was approved in January 2012. Currently, the Department is carrying out doctoral theses on which they work:

  • Assistant DG Konkov «Pathogenesis and prevention of perinatal losses caused by endothelial dysfunction»

Department of Anesthesiology and Resuscitation

History of the Department of Anesthesiology, Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine.

Anesthesia for surgical interventions in the Vinnytsia region was first used in the regional hospital. WE. Pirogov — the main base of the medical institute — in 1933, a surgeon from St. Petersburg Obukhov Hospital, MD Bolyarsky M.M. Two paramedics were responsible for the whole anesthesia service: K.A. Tkach and Matviychuk K.T., who with great skill carried out anesthesia for children and adults. Until 1964, the surgeon who performed the surgery was legally responsible for the anesthesia. In 1964, for the first time, an anesthesiology department was opened in a regional hospital. The department was headed by physician Vronsky Anatoliy Fedorovich. Two more full-time doctors worked in the department, who carried out anesthesia in all surgical clinics (surgical, traumatological, urological, gynecological, etc.).


For the first time endotracheal anesthesia was used by the associate professor of the traumatology clinic J. Locksmith, and under the guidance of Professor Danilenko M.V. for the first time anesthesia and respiratory equipment were used for anesthesia. Most of the operations were performed under ether anesthesia and conduction anesthesia.


In 1975, for the first time, an anesthesiology and resuscitation course was organized at the Department of Hospital Surgery of Vinnitsa Medical Institute named after M.I. Pirogov, headed by MD Mishuk Ivan Ilkovich. At that time, there were 6 and then 12 intensive care beds in the clinic at the M.I. Pirogov Regional Hospital.


In different periods of time, the staff of the course were Vronsky A.F., Berezovskaya Z.B., Ossovskaya A.B., Gomon M.L., Kozlovsky Y.K., Terekhovsky Y.K., Bevz G.V., Datsyuk A.I., Khodakovsky A.Y., Starodub A.I., Bertsun K.T., Khlebovskaya L.M. etc.


Doctoral dissertation Mishchuk II is defended on the basis of the course (1985), Ph.D. and Doctoral Dissertations by Homon M.L. (1998; 2015), doctoral dissertation Datsyuk A.I. (2015), candidate’s dissertation Kozlovsky Yu.K. (2008), the dissertation of the candidate Bevz V. (2013), the dissertation of the candidate Sergiyuk A.V. (2010).


On January 26, 2018 the Department of Anesthesiology, Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine of Vinnitsa Pirogov Vinnitsa National Medical University was organized for the first time, headed by Prof. Gomon Nikolai Longinovich. Currently, the department is located at 9 clinical bases in Vinnitsa and has 25 employees.

Department of Internal Medicine, Faculty of Medicine №2

The topic of the research work of the department is «Prediction of the course and effectiveness of treatment of cardiovascular diseases taking into account the regulatory role of genes and activity of biomarkers involved in the formation of the disease phenotype» (state registration number 0116U005376), the purpose of which is to improve the diagnosis and treatment of heart diseases, as well as predicting the course and effectiveness of their treatment, taking into account the regulatory role of genes and activity of biomarkers involved in the formation of phenotypes PA disease.


Under the guidance of prof. Zhebel V.N. 1 doctoral and 10 PhD theses are defended at the department, 14 master’s theses, 7 PhD theses are performed. Annually 5-7 scientific conferences are held on the basis of the department, employees participate in the work of national and foreign scientific congresses and forums on topical issues of internal medicine, in particular, in the work of the European and Ukrainian Congresses of cardiologists, the school of rheumatologists and therapists. Members of the department include members of the European Union of Cardiologists, the Ukrainian Cardiology Society, the Association of Heart Failure Specialists, and others.


Student Scientific Circle (SNA) of the Department of Internal Medicine of the Faculty of Medicine No. 2 consists of 28 students of 2-6 courses of the Faculty of Medicine No. 2, dental and pharmaceutical faculties. The leader of the mug is Assoc. Kulchevich L.V. The SNA is held every last Wednesday of the month.


 Topics of SNA meetings:


  1. Recent advances in cardiology.
  2. Definition of biomarkers in cardiology.
  3. Modern approaches to the treatment of essential hypertension.
  4. New paradigms and current issues in modern gastroenterology.
  5. Modern methods of diagnosis of osteoporosis.
  6. Changes in the oral cavity in the pathology of the gastrointestinal tract.


 In November 2018, members of the SNA Department together with Professor S. Lozinski. and associate professor L. Kulchevich visited the Sinevo laboratory, where they were able to get acquainted with modern methods of laboratory diagnostics.


Department of Internal Medicine No. 1

On September 17, 1934, in accordance with the Decree of the People’s Commissariat of Health, the former pharmaceutical institute and evening production institute were reorganized into Vinnytsia Medical Institute. Accordingly, clinical departments were created, including the Department of Faculty Therapy.


The first head of the department was Yefim Fischenzon, MD, professor. The staff of the department, in addition to the head, included two assistants and one laboratory assistant. From the moment of its foundation, the department functioned clinical, and since 1936 — biochemical laboratories.


In 1939, after the death of prof. Fischenzona E.Ya. The chair was headed by Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor A.A. Iserberg. In the prewar years the department did not have a single scientific direction. 5 papers by Professor E. Fischenson were published, two works by Associate Professor Shinkareva M.F.


In September 1950, Boris Shklar became the head of the Department of Faculty Therapy, who remained in this position until 1961. He was awarded the Order of Honor, many medals. He is the author of one of the best textbooks on internal medicine diseases, which has withstood 4 editions.


Under the leadership of B.S. Glazier prepared 2 doctoral and 11 PhD theses. For 11 years of work of Professor Shklyar B.S. 2 collections of scientific papers, 2 monographs were published at the Department of Faculty Therapy. B.S. Sklyar was the author of 5 articles for the Big Medical Encyclopedia, 67 scientific articles. 11 students of Professor Shklyar BS became the heads of departments, professors: Oleynik S.F., Pilipenko V.A., Kamenetsky S.I., Mikunis R.I,, Rybachuk I.A., Golovtsev Y.N., Andrenko P.T., Zelinsky B.A., Berezovsky B.A., Sheverda M.G., Serkova V.K.


After the death of B.S. Glazier’s chair was headed by one of his first students R.Y. Mikunis, who was the head of the department until August 1988.


R.I. Mikunis graduated from Vinnitsa Medical Institute in 1941. In 1953, she defended her PhD and in 1966 — her doctoral dissertation.


For the period 1961-1989. under the leadership of R.I. Mikunis defended 5 doctoral theses (Zelinsky B.A., Andrenko P.T., Sheverda M.G., Serkova V.K., Dubovy A.H.) and 23 PhD theses. Edited by R.I. Mikunis prepared 7 scientific manuals, 5 monographs. The staff at the same time published more than 500 scientific papers. The department developed problems of cardiovascular diseases: hypertension, CHD, circulatory insufficiency, diagnosis and treatment of rheumatic diseases. Since 1974, the department has become the base of the State Pharmacological Committee of the Soviet Union for testing new drugs.


The staff of the department is constantly being updated and expanded. Prior to 1988, the staff of the department consisted of 19 teachers and 3 laboratory assistants.


In 1988, the department was headed by Professor Serkova V.K., who was the head of the department until July 2006. Having graduated from Vinnitsa Medical Institute in 1955, she was left to graduate school at the Department of Faculty Therapy. From 1956 to 1977 she worked as an assistant, from 1977 to 1988 — an assistant professor in the same department. In 1960 under the guidance of prof. B.S. She defended her PhD, in 1986 — a doctoral dissertation, in 1988 she received the title of professor. In 2003, she was awarded the title of Honored Worker of Science and Technology of Ukraine. She was repeatedly awarded the Certificates of Honor from the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, with the marks «Excellent Health» and «Excellent Education of Ukraine». In 1981 she was awarded the Medal for Labor Valor. He has authored more than 280 publications, including in foreign publications, and co-authored 10 monographs.


Scientific researches during this period are devoted to pathology of cardiovascular system and rheumatological diseases.


Under the guidance of prof. V.K. Servoy defended 2 doctoral theses on important problems of cardiology and rheumatology: Ph.D. Zhebelem V.N. («Age peculiarities of oxidant and antioxidant systems and their change in patients with coronary heart disease and hypertension, ways of their correction.» — 1995) and M.Sc. Stanislavchuk N.A. («Optimization of treatment of patients with rheumatoid arthritis by non-steroidal anti-inflammatory and analgesic drugs: pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic approaches» — 1997). From 1989 to October 2006, 31 Ph.D. dissertations were defended, 21 of them — under the guidance of Professor Serkova V.K. and 10 — under the guidance of Professor Stanislavchuk N.A. Currently, 9 PhD theses are being prepared at the department. 19 masters graduates of Vinnitsa Medical Institute and 2 graduates of Indian universities were trained at the department. Since 1989, 27 students have been studying at the department. All of them defended their PhD theses. Among them are three innocents


Department of Internal Medicine №2

The department was founded in August 1936. The first teachers were Professor E.Ya. Fisherson, Professor NN Geft, Assistants M.F. Shinkareva, S.D. Zaslavskaya. Before the Great Patriotic War, the staff of the department worked on the problem of diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the cardiovascular system and gastrointestinal tract.


In the postwar years, the department was headed by Professor Ya.M. Britton, then G.D. Davydov and Associate Professor B.I. Lida. During this period, the scientific topic of the department was related to the study of pathology of the cardiovascular system and diseases of the blood system (assistants IA Rybachuk, VD Pilat, etc.). The monograph of Assoc. WOULD. Lidsky’s «Practical Guide to Drug Therapy of Internal Diseases», which highlights the main aspects of pharmacodynamics of various drugs and provides recommendations for their use in practical medicine.


From 1952 to 1956 Professor F.F. Pied was in charge of the department. Under his leadership, issues of oncology were studied, candidate’s theses were assisted by TP assistants. Chuberkis and O.M. Kucherenko.


In 1956, the staff of the department was headed by Professor N.N. Kolotova. The scientific interests of the department at this time were related to the study of diseases of the blood system. As a result of scientific research, the monograph of prof. N.N. Kolotova «Polycythemia», defended candidate’s thesis V.N. Voytyuk, 48 scientific articles were printed.


In 1961 the associate professor Yu.M. Golovtsev. The staff of the department are studying the issues of hemodynamics in hypotension (Assoc. Prof. MB Shklar), some aspects of hepatology, trace elements exchange in atherosclerosis (Assoc. Prof. Yu.M. Golovtsev). Candidate’s theses by GI assistants are defended. Romanov, G.M. Alekhin, L.I. Koshevskaya.


Since 1967, Professor A.P. Kuchuk. At that time, the department included several associate courses, in particular, an associate professor’s course in phthisiology, which was headed by Assoc. B.A. Berezovsky; Associate Professor of Endocrinology, headed by Associate Professor B.A. Zelinsky and Associate Professor of Physical Education under the guidance of Associate Professor L.V. Malysheva.


Students of V and VI courses of medical faculty studied at the department. In 1974, the associate professor’s course in phthisiology was reorganized into a separate department (Head — Professor B.A. Berezovsky), and in 1973 the Department of Hospital Therapy was divided into two departments — Hospital Therapy 1 (Head — Professor A.P. Kuchuk ) and hospital therapy 2 (Head — Professor B.A. Zelinsky) in 1983, the associate professor’s course on therapeutic physical education was transferred to the Department of Physical Education.


According to the program of the university for hospital therapy, the department carries out in-depth study of diseases of the internal organs, differential diagnosis of diseases of the heart, lungs, gastrointestinal tract, kidneys, occupational pathology, diseases of the blood system, military-field therapy. The most experienced teachers (professors, associate professors) prepare subordinated students for the 6th year. In recent years, preference in the preparation of subordinates has been given to the cycle system (cycles in cardiology, pulmonology, gastroenterology, etc.). The staff of the department publishes a number of methodological materials on the peculiarities of the study of pulmonology (A.P. Kuchuk, T.M. Lipnitsky, A.A. Yakovlev), as well as on the improvement of the educational process (V.P. ​​Little, T.P. Chuberkis, G.D. Simbirtseva, A.A. Yakovleva, Y.K. Otkalenko, V.P. Dovgalenko). Methodical materials were published: «Methodical instructions for students of the 6th year to practical classes on emergency care and intensive care at some urgent conditions in the clinic of internal diseases».



Department of internal and family medicine: location

Department of Internal and Family Medicine is located in the Center of primary health care No. 2 in Vinnitsa at the address: 44 Magistratskaya (Pervomaiskaya) street.

Department of Pediatric Infectious Diseases

1965 — A course of pediatric infectious diseases was organized at the Vinnitsa Medical Institute named after Pirogov. Dergilev (1965 to 1971)


1971 — Department of Pediatric Infectious Diseases was created. (1971 — 1983)

1983 — a course of childhood infectious diseases. Assistant Professor M.P. Dergilev (1983-1987).

1987 — a course of infectious diseases for children. (1987 — 1989).

1989 — Department of Pediatric Infectious Diseases was created. Professor Kirilenko V.A., Head of the Department (1989 — 2006).

July 2006 — Professor Nezgoda I.I., Head of the Department

History of the Department of Pediatric Infectious Diseases

By 1965, childhood infectious diseases were studied by students at the Department of Pediatrics (Professor Nikolai Tsaryuk, Head of the Department).


In connection with the opening in 1965. The Pediatric Faculty organized a separate course of infectious diseases for children, which was headed by associate professor Dergileva Maria Petrovna.


In 1971, the Department of Infectious Diseases in Children was organized on the basis of a course of pediatric infections. She is headed by Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Dmitry Kirichenko. Author of more than 150 scientific papers on cholera, viral hepatitis, botulism, co-author of a directory on pediatric infectious diseases.


The head of the department together with the lecturers docent Dergileva M.P., assistant Greshilo M.S., Valkova R.P. and Chekanova S.K. made a lot of effort to equip and equip the training base. The department was based on the city children’s infectious hospital, designed for 100 beds. At first, it occupied only 2 rooms (associate professor’s office and one study room). After the reconstruction of the administrative department of the hospital, the number of study rooms was increased to 5. In addition, a laboratory of the department was established on the basis of the sanitary-epidemic station (laboratory assistants M.Y. Tlok, L. Galushko, and the preparator V. Mulik).


The department constantly worked on improving the educational process. For this purpose, advanced forms and teaching methods were introduced. The primary importance was attached to the practical work of students, mastering them new methods of diagnosis and modern treatment. Methodical materials for teachers and students were updated and improved annually, situational tasks, test assignments for students’ training were developed. Programs were created to control students’ knowledge.


The staff of the department participated in the preparation of the directory of pediatric infections, guidelines and other training aids.


From 1971 to 1983, the scientific activity was directed to «Study of shifts in the indicators of immunological reactivity and metabolism in the complex treatment of acute intestinal infections in children of the first year of life and the development of a scheme of parenteral nutrition».


From 1983 to 1989 the Department was liquidated and a course of pediatric infectious diseases was opened at the Department of Pediatrics. The course was first led by Associate Professor Dergilev M.P. (1983 — 1987), then Associate Professor Kablukova O.K. (1987 — 1989).


The staff of the department consisted of 5 people (Assoc. Prof. Dergileva M.P., Assistant R.P. Valkova, Candidate of Medical Sciences V.F. Rudinsky, Assistant Chekanov S.K.). , viral infections and their complications. Information letters and methodological recommendations on methods of diagnostics of changes of erythrocyte cell membranes at SARS in children, as well as serological diagnostics of Koksaki — B — virus infection have been developed by the staff of the department.


O.K. Kablukova completed and defended her doctoral dissertation on the problem of pathogenesis and treatment of respiratory viral diseases in children. Currently she is a professor of the Department of Pediatrics № 1. Author of 110 scientific papers, methodical manuals, including the monograph «Emergency conditions in acute viral and bacterial diseases”, Vinnytsia (2005). Has prepared 3 Ph.D. In 1993, the department again took an active part in the organization of the IV Congress of Infectious Diseases of Ukraine, in 1998 joined the Association of Infectious Diseases of Ukraine, in 2004 contributed to the resumption of the regional scientific society of infectious diseases.


In 1989, the newly created Department of Pediatric Infectious Diseases. It was headed by Professor Kirilenko V.A., author of 150 scientific papers, monograph «Posttransfusion viral hepatitis» in 1985, was awarded a diploma of the International Integrative Academy of Anthropology (International of Integrative Academy of Anthropology), included in the nomination of the person of the Millennium Academy of Anthropology) for contributing to health care. Since 2006 the department has been headed by Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor II. Disagreement.


Prof. Disagreement II author of 85 scientific papers, co-author of the monograph «Viral diarrhea in children», 2010. Moscow. Since 2008 — member of the European Society of Pediatric Infectious Diseases, member of the Association and


Department of Endocrinology

The main direction of the scientific work of the department is the study of pathogenesis, clinics, diagnostics and development of methods of treatment of pathology of the cardiovascular system in diabetes mellitus, thyroid pathology, chronic adrenal cortex insufficiency and obesity. Special attention is paid to the study of microcirculation, transcapillary metabolism, oxygen supply of tissues, lipid and vitamin metabolism, pathogenesis of diabetic angiopathy and cardiopathy.

For the first time, for the first time, the method of the use of donors of sulfhydryd groups in the treatment of diabetic ketosis and ketoacidosis, correction of lipid metabolism, antioxidants in the treatment of diabetes mellitus, hypothyroidism and chronic insufficiency of the adrenal cortex, and chronic insufficiency, in obesity. Pathogenesis is revealed and a classification of arterial hypotension in Addison’s disease is created, a new classification of hypothyroidism is proposed. Vernygorodsky V.S. in 2006 he defended his doctoral dissertation on the topic: «Clinico-morphological characteristics of cardiovascular and cerebral hemodynamics in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus»; in 2008 Vlasenko M.V. defended her doctoral dissertation on the topic: «Diffuse non-toxic goiter: genesis, clinic, treatment»

Department of General Surgery


Study of the etiology and features of the course of the wound process complicated by wound infection.

  • Optimization of methods of complex treatment of patients with diabetic foot syndrome and varicose trophic ulcers.
  • Acute surgical diseases of the organs of the pancreatic-duodenal zone.
  • Development of pathogenetically sound methods of treatment and prevention of acute purulent-inflammatory postoperative complications and diseases of soft tissues.
  • Development of new approaches to methods of treatment of patients with thermal injuries.
  • Development of new suture and alloplastic materials based on nanocomposites and antiseptics.


Department of Infectious Diseases

Department of pathological anatomy, legal medicine and law

Department of Clinical Pharmacy and Clinical Pharmacology

Teaching of clinical pharmacology at the University was started in 1986. In 1986 – 1992 Clinical Pharmacology course was headed by Professor Georgiy Stepaniuk, city hospital № 3 (therapeutic department and cardiology center) was a clinical base.

Since February, 1, 1992 the course have been headed by Professor Olga Yakovleva. Clinical studies of drugs were started to provide their best efficacy and to get rid of their side effects. Regional Pirogov Memorial hospital was added to the clinical base of the course. Since October, 2005 the course is a standalone Department of Clinical Pharmacy and Clinical Pharmacology. Creation of new Stomatology, Farmaceutical and Medical Psychology faculties facilitated implementation of new interesting disciplines, parts of clinical pharmacology.

2 doctoral dissertations are being written now under Professor’s Yakovleva direction, 9 master and 19 pre-doctoral theses have been defended.

There are post-graduate courses in the Department as well: an internship for Medical and Pharmaceutical faculties, educational cycles for post-graduate students, masters and residents are provided in three languages.

The Head of the Department of Clinical Pharmacy and Clinical Pharmacology is a member of specialized Councils on dissertations (specialized academic Councils on Pharmacology, Clinical Pharmacology, Physiopathology) and a member of the Testing Counsil on surgical specialties: surgery, obstetrics and gynecology. Since 2007 she is a member of the International Academy of Ecology and Safe Viability (Saint Petersberg). Scientific advanses of other departments studying is actively implemented in the educational process.

For her fruitful work, Professor Yakovleva have been awarded by the Rector’s office of the University, the regional Administration of Vinnitsa region, Ministry of Health of Ukraine, and the Government of Ukraine.

Young scientists and the employees of the Department annually take part in Scientific society meetings and international conferences for the young scientists in the University. A competition on Clinical Pharmacology is held annually, where the winners are selected to take part in All-Ukrainian competitions and become prize-winners there.

Department of Medical Psychology and Psychiatry

Department of Medical Psychology and Psychiatry, with a course of postgraduate education was established September 1, 2008, graduating as basic medical and psychological department faculty.
The department is located in the Vinnytsia Regional Psychiatric Hospital. Acad. O.I.Yuschenko.
Clinical department is part of departments № 1, 2,6,8,18, 21, center of psychosomatic medicine.
The Department trained all students of medical and psychological faculty, studying 28 disciplines psychological guidance, as well as students from the medical faculty of psychology and pedagogy (1 year), Faculty of Dentistry (2 course), Faculty of Pharmacy (3 course Pharmacy, 2 year clinical pharmacy, correspondence); medical students studying psychology Medical School (4 year), Faculty of Dentistry (3 course). Psychiatry students taught 4-year dental faculty and students of 4th year medical-psychological faculty. In addition, the department trained medical interns of Pharmacy and Clinical Pharmacy (cycle basis Psychology), medical interns all specialties (medical psychology series), and medical interns majoring «doctor-psychologist


The Department of Medical Rehabilitation and Medical and Social Expertise

The Department of Medical Rehabilitation and Medical and Social Expertise was created on the initiative of the rector of National Pirogov Memorial Medical University academician NAMN Moroz V.M. and Professor Kolesnik P.F. by order of the rector of 23.08.2013. Substantiation of necessity of creation of the Department of Medical Rehabilitation and Medical and Social Expertise of Vinnitsa National Medical University Pirogov Memorial was submitted to the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. It is known that 90% of patients need medical rehabilitation (only 10% of patients have urgent emergency care), but the issues of creation and functioning of a full-fledged medical rehabilitation system have fallen out of view of medicine over the last 20 years. partly in the programs of social, labor and vocational rehabilitation of persons with disabilities in the context of providing them with medical supplies. At the same time, the main focus of medical rehabilitation is to restore the health of patients and is an important next step after emergency care and intensive inpatient care.The issues of medical rehabilitation, as well as social and vocational rehabilitation, are handled by the United Nations and its specialized units (WHO, ILO, UNESCO and 50 other international bio-biological organizations). The WHO Medical Rehabilitation Committee of Experts is in operation to continuously improve its purpose and objectives. International forums are held periodically on these issues. 

Rehabilitation plays a leading role in the achievement of the WHO Health for All in the 21st Century strategy. Annually, more than 500 million people with disabilities and patients are needed in the rehabilitation world.The concept of the State Target Program “Medical Rehabilitation” for 2011-2015 has been developed in Ukraine, which envisages: 

1) substantial reform of the system of medical rehabilitation; 

2) create a coordination council for medical rehabilitation; 

3) create a department of medical rehabilitation in the structure of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine; 

4) create a number of regional centers for medical rehabilitation; 

5) to enter the specialty «Medical Rehabilitation».

The urgency of the department creation is caused by the need: 

1) scientific development and substantiation of a qualitatively new system of medical rehabilitation in the conditions of reforming the medical field; 

2) training of qualified specialists in medical rehabilitation.

The decision was made: To create a chair of «Medical Rehabilitation and Medical and Social Expertise» on the bases of: Research Institute of Disabled Rehabilitation of National Pirogov Memorial Medical University; «Center of medical rehabilitation and sports medicine»; the Avangard health resort of Nemyriv, Vinnytsia region; physiotherapy department of the regional clinical hospital. To appoint Professor Kolysnik P.F. Prygova as the Head of the Department of Medical Rehabilitation and Medico-Social ExpertiseCategories of students of the department: students of medical, dental, pediatric, psychological faculties; interns; students of pre-certification courses; rehabilitologists; physical education teachers. Main directions of activity of the department: educational work; methodical activity; therapeutic and preventative work; scientific and innovative work; organizational work; Educational Activities; inter-sectoral, inter-university legislative and international activities. Clinical bases of the department: «Center of medical rehabilitation and sports medicine», physiotherapy department of regional hospital, institute of rehabilitation of invalids, sanatorium «Avangard», Nemyriv.

The basic scientific direction of activity of the department: «Development of programs of multilevel medical rehabilitation in pathology of different organs and systems». Practical value of scientific and educational programs: implementation of scientific developments in the activity of rehabilitation departments, sanatoriums, fitness halls, sports institutions, physiotherapy offices, in work of physiotherapy, in work doctors and specialists in other medical fields. For 5 years of work, the scientists of the department conducted research and development of programs of multilevel medical rehabilitation for diseases of internal organs and systems. The dissertation for the degree of Doctor of Medical Sciences (Prof. Bezsmertnyi Yu.O.) is defended, the dissertation for the degree of Candidate of Medical Sciences (Assoc. Dolynna O.V.) is planned. 3 monographs, 2 textbooks, 36 articles were published, 20 patents were issued, 78 abstracts were printed. The scientists of the department participated in the work of 96 congresses, conferences and conferences. In 52 forums they were speakers.In 2018, the Department initiated and held the First Podilsky Symposium on Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine.

The staff of the department take an active part in the development of the law on medical rehabilitation in Ukraine, the order of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine “On Amendments to the Order of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine of October 28, 2002 No. 385 , positions of junior specialists in pharmaceutical education, positions of health care professionals and positions of health care professionals in health care institutions)” and other legislative and methodological documents.

Three employees of the department undergo long-term internships for the purpose of international certification of training programs for physicians of physical and rehabilitation medicine. On the basis of the Military Medical Clinical Center of the Central Region, a training center was created to provide training in the program of primary specialization of physicians of the Federal Republic of Germany.


Department of Endoscopy and Cardiovascular Surgery

Department of Endoscopy and Cardiovascular Surgery was created on the basis of the course of Endoscopic and Laser Surgery, Department of Surgery No.1 Clinical bases of the Department of Endoscopy and Cardiovascular Surgery are: Vinnytsia Regional Clinical Hospital. E. Pirogov (vascular, endoscopic, abdominal surgery, laparoscopic surgery center) Military Medical Clinical Center of the Central Region (Clinic of Endoscopic Surgery and Endoscopic Diagnosis) CP «Vinnytsia Regional Clinical Medical-Diagnostic Center of Cardiovascular Pathology»

Department of Neurology with Neurosurgery

The Chair of Neurology at the Vinnytsia Medical Institute was established in 1935, based on regional Psychological and Neurological hostipal named after academic A.I. Yushenko. Professor V.L. Beder – the representative of the Kiev’s neurological school – became the first head of the Chair. The Chair had been closed down during The Second World War period at the time of occupation, however it was restored as soon as the city was liberated. 

After the death of prof. V.l. Bederev in 1946, V.B.Polishchuk became the temporary had of the chair and was succeeded in 1947 by the pupil of academic a.m.grinshtein — P.M. Alperovich, phd, who had served as a military doctor, had been the head of the neurological department at the war hospital and military neurologist. at the time, among the staff as assistants professor worked A.P. Barabash, A.I. Zabara, R.Y. Mamichev and V.B. Polishchuk. Later Mamichev and Polishchuk left the chair and after the sudden death of A.I. Zabara in 1951, the chair staff was reinforced by V.D. Bilik (since 1951) and Y.V. Pishel (since 1954), as well as assistant professor Z.M. Pshenichnaya (1959-1966) and associate professor of the neurosurgical course Y.I. Kopyakovskyi (1963-1965).

Between 1960’s and 1970’s, due to growing number of students, establishing of the Department of Pediatrics and the Post Graduate Department, the Chair of Neurology was joined by the new teaching staff: graduates of clinical studies – A.I. Demchuk (1966), A.G. Korniychuk (1966), T.I. Petrova (1967) and G.A.  Starinets (1975) – as well as practicing doctors – Y.I. Pshuk (1971) and V.I. Burlya (1973), S.P. Moskovko (1979). In 1967 by the order of the Ukrainian Misitry of Health associate professor Y.V. Pishel was placed as a director of the Kharkov Research Institute of Neurology and Psychiatry named after Protopopov.

In 1962-1963 at the Chair were organised post-graduate courses focusing on children neurology (associate professor Y.V. Pishel) and neurosurgery (associate professor Y.I. Kopyakovskyi).  Associate professor V.I. Burlya was the head of neurosurgery course in the period between 1973 and 1994. In 1968 there begin to take place lectures on medical genetics and in 1979 A.G. Korniychuk became the head of the post-graduate course on neurology and reflexology also taught by G.A. Starinets and O.P. Koval.

In 1986 on the basis of this course the new Neurology and reflexology faculty was established for the Post Graduate Department. The head of the course became associate professor A.G. Korniychuk, joined by the teaching staff: associate professor G.A. Starinets, associate professor O.V. Zheliba, V.D. Kirichenko, O.P. Koval, A.N. Brodiy. Now the faculty teaches interns and is also responsible for pre-assessment training for neurologist from all around the country.

As was mentioned above, Pavel Makarovich Alperovich became the head of the Chair in 1947. After his retirement in 1977, prof. Alperovich continued to work for the Chair as a consultant till 1988.  He passed away at the age of 87, in 1995, leaving behind a great scientific legacy and remaining in the memories as a great clinical neurologist.


In 1977, Vasyliy Danilovich Bilyk became the head of the chair at the same being the vice-chancellor (1971-1974) and chancellor (1974-1988) of the institute. From 1988 to 2005, V.D. Bilyk fully dedicated himself to the department in the neurological clinic. Laureate of the ukrainian prize of the state (1983), academic of the international academy of integrative anthropology (1992), honored member of the ukrainian high school (1979), honored citizen of Vinnytsia (1998). V.D.Bilyk passed away on 12 february 2006 after a prolonged illness. Many neurologists and other specialist in medical field have the honor to call themselves the pupils of Vasiliy Danilovich Bilyk.

Currently, there are 11 members of staff working at the Chair of  Neurology with Neurosurgery course: head of the Chair, prof. S.P. Moskovko, PhD, head of the curriculum department associate professor L.N. Zheliba, PhD, associate professor A.I. Demchuk, PhD, associate professor in neurosurgical course V.M. Olhov, PhD, associate professor N.N. Smolko, PhD, associate professor in neurosurgical course S.Y. Voloschuk, PhD, associate professor D.G. Smolko, PhD, assistants professor: T.I. Petrova, PhD, G.S. Moskovko,PhD, O.A. Gordeichuk, PhD, A.V. Kostuchenko. Also there is staff responsible for the post-graduate training for neurologists (including interns) associate professors A.G. Korniychuk and G.A. Starinets, and associate professor N.G. Starinets.


Department Traumatology and Orthopedics

Department of Traumatology, Orthopedics and field surgery has been created in 1968 year. In the department of education of teaching Traumatology and Orthopedics conducted at the Department of Surgery with total, Classes students conducted ass. Slusar A. (Manager. Department-prof. D. Kurmashev Hahutov). In postwar years to 1968 year Orthopedics and Traumatology for courses Orthopedics and Traumatology, headed professor Slusar A., assistant, MD Kucherenko A.E.  

Do this, the subject of teaching conducted at the Department of Hospital Surgery (Head of Department, Professor. Shraer I.I., prof. V. Danilenko), headed Traumatology and Orthopedics course lecturer Slusar A., O.E.Kucherenko. With year 1968 organized by the Department of Traumatology, Orthopaedics and field surgery, headed by Kucherenko Professor A.E. in proof: Assoc. Slusar A., assistant Stoliarchuk V.S. and Pryschak A.F.

Before 1974 year in composition consisted rate Stomatology (head — prof. S. Pravednikov, assistant Pshenichyi).

With year 1969 on faculty worked as assistant professor. Kirilenko, A.V., assistant Chepyzhnyy Y.U., assistant Chupryna I.A., V.V. Slepov in continiously at the department, worked assyst. Shevchuk V.I., Fyschenko V.A., Zhuk P.M. Since 1985 Professor Department headed Kirilenko, A.V., who worked as chairman to 1991 year. With 1991 year  Stolyarchuk V.S. were headed. In addition of staff at the department, worked assyst. Kirichenko V.I., Adamenko V., I. Kisel C. 

In 1994 year headed department chair prof. Fyschenko Vladimir Aleksandrovich. Chairman was born 14 September 1956 year. In 1979 year, excellence Graduated Vinnica medical institute M.I. Pirogov. After The end aspir. in the Kiev Research Institute of Traumatology and Orthopaedics in 1986 year, finished scientific work SUMMARY “Inborn and obtain talipomanus in children and adolescents.” In 1993 year, defend doctorate Annotation on «Born Injurious Shoulder plexus in children and adolescents.» The Author of 123 works, co-author of two textbooks and monographs . 

There are currently at the Department works: chairman Professor Fyschenko V.A., prof.Zhuk P.M., DM`s: Stolyarchuk V.S., Slepov V.V., Kirichenko V.I., Bashynskyy G.P., Makohonchuk A.V. Assyst: Kyryschuk IG, Plotytsa V.I. Preparation doctors travmatologocs in 

At the department constantly pass Preparation doctors of India, Peru, Columbia, Lebanon, Jordan, Yemen. 

Always students scientific department. Works of students in collections conferences, obtained diplomas, certificates. They grew up Specialists, trauma, Lecturer University, scientists: Assoc. Shvets, V.A., MD Head. Division of the Kiev NYYT Kalashnikov A.S., MD. 

Vicar of the department worked in countries of Asia, Africa, Algeria, Yemen, where given nedical aid to the population those countries, conducted Competencies medical staff (Assoc. Stolyarchuk V.S. Assoc. Slepov V.V.,Chepyzhnyy Y.A. , Pryschak A.F.).
Scholar theme of the department  — This reconstructive Treatment joints diseases, problems osteoporosis, bone plastics. By Material scientific of research assistants of the department Published more than 500 works, 20 copyright patents, about 100 newpurposes 4, Monograph, 10 methodical recommendations.

In Latest Years at the Department finished candidate`s: doctor of Yemen — Karim Abdul, aspyr.: Kasyanchuk V.M., Makohonchuk A.V., Mytskevych A.A., Kostyuk doctor V.G., Maiko V. M. Filatov A. Chairman of Department Professor Fyschenko V.A. headed scientific association travmatologos and orthopedics. Mainly the tasks of the department — Improvement of new treatment methods traumatologics diseases and musculoskeletal apparatus, improve the quality of treatment, training doctors, specialists, featuring Pedagogical process of training students in the department. Teach job in the department Miscellaneous Years conducted on 4,5,6 courses also doing Preparation doctors  in Traumatology and Orthopedics. 

At the department has a necessary conditions for teached process: travmatological department at 40 site, offices and Rehabilitation Research Institute disability. 
Scholar activity the department: 

  1. Epidemiology osteoporosis, his role in injury treatment and profilactic.
  2. Major joints pathology, treatment, эndoprotezyrovanye.
  3. Functional patological reorganisation and musculoskeletal apparatus.
    Pedagogical job of the department: The department holds Individual speeches with students, also works at the Dept. students scientific circle which gives opportunity for students who obtained additional knowledge in Traumatology and Orthopedics and attract scientific work.



Teaching of  medical radiology as independent discipline in Vinnitsa Medical University has begun with 1955 managing course of radial diagnostics and radial therapy by doctor Novikov V.V., and in 1956 after protection of the master’s thesis of Novikov V.V. has based faculty of a roentgenology and radiology. With 1957 on 1959 of a duty managing faculty executed assistant V.A. Shcherbina. With 1960 on 1984 faculty supervised an outstanding radiobiologist, professor B.Z. Sukhorukov. With 1984 till 1993 managing faculty — senior lecturers Kowalski А.В. In connection with formation faculty of a oncology and radial therapy, since 1993 senior lecturers Kovalskij A.V. — managing of the course radial diagnostics and radial therapy.

Teaching has begun with 1991 on faculty to students of a new subject — radiative medicine.

On a course of a Radiology teaching is conducted:

  • radial diagnostics, radial therapy — to students 3 courses of medical, stomatological faculties and faculty of medical psychology;
  • radiative medicine — to students 6 courses of medical faculty and faculty of medical psychology and to students 4 courses of stomatological  faculty.

Working curriculums of a course are made according to demands of the qualifying characteristic of the doctors.

In different years on faculty of radiology worked: candidates of medical sciences

Ljudvinskij Y.S., Chizhik V.M., Jakubovskaja E.F., the assistants Krivoj V.S., Maksimchuk A.J. and Malashchuk A.S.

Medical radiology and radiative medicine are teaching now: senior lecturers Kovalskij A.V., Kohanova G.A., the candidate of medical sciences Olejnik V.N., assistants – Kovalenko T.P., Jasko V.V., Balanjuk O.B., Danilevich V.P.

Teachers of the course Vinnitsa medical university by name N.I. Pirogov Educational base of faculty are unit the Vinnitsa regional hospital by name N.I. Pirogov,  regional oncologic dispensary and a regional specialized dispensary of radiative protection of the population.

The course has the necessary demonstration equipment, slides, tables, sets of roentgenograms, results nuclear researches on all themes of employment, educational short motion pictures both necessary modern dosimetric and radiometric devices. Educational rooms are equipped by viewers-stands with didactic materials and the necessary text information Besides methodical references «the Technique of a tomography of lungs in slanting projections», Kiev, 1985 are published; «Radiative medicine», Vinnitsa, 1991, 1999; the grant «Radiology medicine «for students of high schools of Ukraine, 1993 the Faculty took part in creation of the program on «Radiative medicine» (1991) for students of high schools of Ukraine.

Scientific direction of faculty — pressing questions the bioradiology and roentgenology. In total 18 those had executed research works, results are realized in 82 printed works, in 6 certificates on the inventions, three state «Instructions after diagnostics, medical sorting and treatment of victims with the combined radiative lesions » /М.1980, 1986,1988/and in the monograph: «The Combined radioactive lesions: a pathogenesis, clinic, treatment», Moscow, 1993.

On a course of radial diagnostics and radial therapy functions the student’s scientific circle, in which 11-15 students work. With 1985 is organized the independent section of a student’s scientific organization «Radiology», which annually represents on final student’s conference of 8-12 reports. Senior lecturer Kovalskij A.V. holds session of a student’s scientific circle. The big attention is given a professional training. Are executed 4 and are protected 2 doctor’s (B.Z. Sukhorukov, B.A. Boljuh) and 14 master’s theses. Assistants Kovalenko T.P., Jasko V.V.carry out master’s theses. The clinical internship on a roentgenology and a medical radiology was finished by 19 doctors, is spent the preparation of doctors-interns, masters and post-graduate students.

Employees of faculty published 495 works, including 2 monographies, two methodical references. And received 9 copyright certificates on the inventions, two patents and 118 certificates on efficiency proposals.

The faculty performs great volume work on improvement of radiological service in Vinnitsa region. Departures carried out districts for the organization and carrying out of regional seminars and conferences, introduction of new research receptions, consultations of patients and an expert estimation of activity of services of districts. The essential help to practical public health services is given by Vinnitsa unit of association of radiologists of Ukraine (chairman — доц. Kovalskij A.V.), Which of Vinnitsa spends regional conferences of roentgenologists and radiologists, weekly intermittent courses of radiotherapists, carries out constant advisory work (up to 5 thousand patients a year). Employees of faculty take part in work of a certifying commission of regional management of public health services on certification of radiotherapists, US-experts, radial therapists and roentgen-laboratory assistants. With the purpose of popularization among doctors of Ukraine of the advanced achievements of radial diagnostics and radial therapy since 1993 there is begun release of «the Ukrainian radiological magazine», one of its founders and the associate editor is Kowalski А.В.

Employees the faculty took part in work of the international workshops and conferences, acted with reports at 5 All-Union and 6 Ukrainian congresses, and the congresses of radiologists and oncologists and 2 Ukrainian congresses of morphologists. The faculty accepted active participation in the organization and carrying out in a Vinnitsa Republican conference of oncologists (1988), VIІІ congress of radiologists of Ukraine. (1989) and the Ukrainian scientifically-practical conference «Standardization radiological, it is computer researches in diagnostics of diseases the organs and systems» (2006).

The course supports the international scientific communications with Vanderbilsky university state Tennesi and University state of Kentucky (USA).

Professor L. Portajn (Vanderbilsky university state Tennesi, the USA) (the first series of the second on the right) with employees of faculty radiology and the Radiological department in a cabinet of an angiography Vinnitsa regional a hospital.

Professor L. Portajn (Vanderbilsky university state Tennesi, the USA) (at the left) and managing a course radiology of Vinnitsa National medical university named after N.I. Pirogov senior lecturer Kovalskij A.V.

Employees of the course radiology take part in patriotic education of students, spend appreciable work on improvement of progress of students and studying the questions of a deontology in radiology.

The managing of course radial diagnostics and radial therapy Vinnitsa National medical University by name N.I. Pirogov senior lecturer Kowalskiy Alexander Vasilevich 1936 year of birth. The Honorary member Association radiologists of Ukraine, chairman of Vinnitsa regional unit the Association radiologists of Ukraine.

In 1959 has graduated Vinnitsa medical institute and till 1962 worked as the practical doctor, with 1963 till 1965 studied in clinical internship on faculty of a roentgenology and radiology Vinnitsa medical institute and till 1969 worked managing radiological service of the Vinnitsa regional hospital. 1970 has been transferred from the beginning on a post of the main radiologist of the Vinnitsa regional public health department, and since September, 1970 has passed the assistant on faculty of roentgenology and radiology Vinnitsa medical institute by name N.I. Pirogov.

Scientific work has started to carry out in 1964, in 1975 has protected the master’s thesis, and in 1979 has been selected by the senior lecturer of faculty roentgenology and an radiology Vinnitsa medical institute.

With 1985 up to 1993 year senior lecturer Kovalskij A.V. — managing faculty of a roentgenology and radiology VMU, and with 1993, in connection with formation of faculty of an oncology and an radiology, and till this time of radial diagnostics managing a course and radial therapy Vinnytsia National Medical University by name N.I. Pirogov.

The basic directions of work of the headed Kovalskim A.V. of faculty, course — a professional training, торакальная an radiology, bioradiology, the radiative medicine, the combined radiative lesions and an oncology.

With 1970 up to 1984 chairman Kovalskij A.V. was the executive, and with 1985 up to 1991 supervised over performance and has successfully executed 6 closed research themes ordered by the government within the limits of a problem of the USSR No. 10 «the Combined radiative lesions of military time».

Experience of twenty years research work in the field of bioradiology has allowed to solve series of the important problems on rendering a medical care by the victim with the combined radiative lesions. Results of scientific work are generalized in 63 printed robots and used in «Instructions on diagnostics, medical sorting and treatment of victims with the combined radiative lesions at stages of medical evacuation» /1980, 1986,1988/ which were used at rendering a medical care injured with Chernobyl accident.

Results executed  Kovalskii A.V. in the collective monography «the Combined radiative lesions: a pathogenesis, clinic, treatment»/M.1993, — 285 p./

In connection with continuous body height of various forms of a pathology among the population which lives on polluted by radionuclides territories (which have arisen after failure on the Chernobyl atomic power station) and considering knowledge of bioradiology and a radiopathology, the Ministry of health protection of Ukraine has invited  Kovalskii A.V. for participation in development of the first in Ukraine «Programs on radiative medicine» for students of medical high schools in Kiev, 1991

In connection with absence in Ukraine literatures on radiative medicine after preparation «Programs on radiative medicine» there was an offer from Ukraine to frame the textbook on radiative medicine for students of the maximum medical educational institutions of Ukraine. Under direction of Kovalskii A.V. is framed and given out by collective of teachers of faculty in Ukraine the first textbook for students of the maximum medical educational institutions of Ukraine (in the Ukrainian tongue) «Radiative medicine»/Kiev, 1993, с.222/and methodical development “Radiative medicine” /Vinnitsa, 1991, 1999/ for foreign students are published.

Senior lecturer Kovalskii A.V. carries out organizational-advisory work in close interaction with profile units of clinical bases of faculty, takes part in the analysis of annual reports of service and in planning actions on improvement of activity of service for each current year; takes part in departures districts of area for rendering the organizational-methodical help to regional radiologists, introductions of new techniques of research, carrying out of sectional seminars; takes part in the organization and carrying out of 2-3 annual scientifically-practical conferences of radiotherapists of Vinnitsa area.

Senior lecturer Kovalskii A.V. — the member certifying commission of management public health services of Vinnitsa regional state administration, a member of regional advisory council on an establishment of interrelation diseases with consequences of failure on Chernobyl Atomic Station. With 1991 is more than 10 years the author of 157 printed works, including two monographies carried out duties of a member editorial board «The Ukrainian radiological magazine»; has received 6 certificates on inventions, 54 certificates on efficiency proposals, and two patents. Награжден a sign «The Honour  Public Health», medals «the Inventor of the USSR», «the Veteran of work» and certificates of honour  the Ministry public health of Ukraine.

The candidate of medical sciences Novikov Vladimir Vladimirovich 1922 year of birth. In 1945 year graduated the Leningrad medical institute and on 1955 worked as the radiotherapist in the Leningrad. With 1955 it is appointed by managing course of roentgenology and an radiology of Vinnitsa medical institute, and in 1956 after protection of the master’s thesis has based faculty of a roentgenology and an radiology Vinnitsa medical institute medical institute and has organized «the Society of radiologist  of Vinnitsa area», has published 9 scientific works. Senior lecturer Shcherbina Valery Aleksandrovna 1923 year of birth, after the termination Vinnitsa medical institute in 1948 worked in clinics medical institute as the radiotherapist. With 1957 on 1960 acted managing faculty and on 1979 worked on a post of the assistant, then the senior lecturer of faculty roentgenology and radiology. In 1964 has protected the master’s thesis, in 1971 – senior lecturer. In 1979 senior lecturer Shcherbina V.A. has organized the course roentgenology of faculty doctors improvement and was its principal till 1985. Has published 17 scientific works, has received 4 certificates on efficiency proposals. 

Professor Sukhorukov Boris Zaharovich (1914-1984), the participant of the Great Domestic war, an outstanding radiobiologist.

After the termination of Smolensk medical institute in 1941, all period of Great Domestic war on 1946 worked as the surgeon of military field hospital, got awards and medals. After B.Z. Sukhorukov’s demobilization has finished clinical internship on faculty of an oncology Kazan Medical University, in 1955 has protected the Master’s thesis and on 1960 worked as the oncologist in the Kazan oncologic dispensary and in the Kazan institute of improvement of doctors on a post of the senior lecturer. With 1960 on 1984 it supervised over faculty of radial diagnostics and radial therapy of Vinnitsa medical institute named after N.I. Pirogov. With 1961 on 1975 was pro-rector of Vinnytsia Medical Institute on scientific work of Vinnitsa Medical Institute named after N.I. Pirogov.

The scientific direction of faculty – actual problems of bioradiology, a roentgenology, begun by B.Z. Sukhorukov in 70th years develops and till now.

In 1974 B.Z. Sukhorukov has protected the thesis for a doctor’s degree, under its management 8 master’s theses are executed. It publishs 35 scientific works, 2 certificates on inventions, and 10 certificates on efficiency proposals are received.

Senior lecturer Bidkova Lydia Maksimovna (1928-1997), after the graduation of Vinnitsa medical institute in 1952 worked as the radiotherapist in Vinnitsa regional hospital, and with 1960 it is enlisted by the assistant to faculty of a roentgenology and an radiology of Vinnitsa medical institute. In 1967 has protected the master’s thesis, in 1978 to it the rank of the senior lecturer is appropriated. 

With 1986 the course roentgenology of doctors improvement faculty has been reorganized in independent roentgenology department of doctors improvement faculty, which has headed Bidkova L.M.

With 1993 the roentgenology department of doctors improvement faculty was a part of faculty of radial diagnostics and radial therapy of Vinnitsa medical institute of N.I. Pirogov.

Senior lecturer Bidkova L.M. has published 35 scientific works, has received 4 certificates on efficiency proposals.

Department of Orthopedic Dentistry

The Department of Orthopedic Dentistry was established in October 1996 according to the decision of the Academic Council of National Pirogov Memorial Medical University and is located in Blok street, 34. The educational base of the department includes: 9 educational clinical halls with 16 dental units, clinical class rooms for conducting seminars, 2 training rooms for propedeutics orthopedic dentistry, equipped with modern requirements dental and foundry laboratories, sterilization laboratories for administrative and business needs of staff. 

The first head of the department from 1996 to 2017 was the PhD, associate professor Leonid Muntyan. In September 1996, he was appointed, and in November 1997 he was selected for the post of Head of the Department of Orthopedic Dentistry, Vinnytsia State Pirogov Memorial Medical Institute (now —  National Pirogov Memorial Medical University) at the newly created Dental Faculty. Main directions of medical and scientific activity Leonid Muntyan were devoted to the development of technological processes and methods of orthopedic treatment of patients with disorders of occlusive relationships; approbation and introduction of biomaterials used in the manufacture of implants and orthopedic superstructures; scientific substantiation and rational treatment of patients with orthopedic structures on solid casts and without metal frames. Leonid Muntyan was the author of 168 scientific and educational publications, including 2 textbooks, 4 monographs and a manual on the organization of orthopedic dentistry, 4 copyright certificates and 10 patents of Ukraine. He has trained 2 PhD, 18 Clinical Residents (14 of whom are foreign nationals), 6 Masters of Medicine in the specialty «Orthopedic Dentistry». He completed his dissertation for the degree of Doctor of Medical Sciences on the topic: «Theoretical substantiation and determination of clinical effectiveness of the treatment of patients with dentures with a combined fixation system». Supervised the preparation of 4 PhD candidates. 

Internshiped in Switzerland and Poland. Leonid Muntyan was a doctor of the highest category, an experienced teacher, known among the teaching staff of medical universities in Ukraine. He has repeatedly been a member of the working committees for the development and implementation of educational programs in the specialty «Dentistry». For many years of conscientious work, considerable personal contribution to the development of the health care system, high professionalism and active public position, L. Muntyan was repeatedly awarded diplomas of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, regional state administrations, Lviv and Vinnytsia National Medical Universities. Leonid Muntyan left behind a large number of followers, students and like-minded people.

From 2017 to the present time the department is headed by PhD, Associate Professor Eduard Belyaev. He graduated with honors from the Faculty of Dental Medicine of Vinnitsa State Medical University. E. Pirogov in 1999. After passing in-depth specialization as a doctor — intern at the Department of Orthopedic Dentistry, Vinnytsia National Medical University from 1999 to 2000, he worked at the Department of Orthopedic Dentistry at the Vinnytsia National Medical University as a Senior Laboratory Assistant. From 2000 to 2002 he worked as an assistant — trainee of the same department. From 2002 to 2011 he worked as an assistant at the Department of Orthopedic Dentistry, Vinnytsia National Medical University. In 2007 Belyaev EV defended his PhD thesis on the topic «Anthropo-genetic factors of caries in practically healthy urban boys and girls of Podilskyi region of Ukraine». From October 2011 to May 2017 he worked as an Assistant Professor of the Department of Orthopedic Dentistry.

In 2016, a doctoral dissertation on the topic «Anatomy — topographic and functional features of diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation of secondary deformations of the dento-mandibular system» is planned.

Belyaev EV is a doctor of the highest qualification category. He is engaged in medical work at the clinical bases of the Department of Orthopedic Dentistry, Vinnytsia National Medical University. Regularly improves its qualification level and applies the latest technologies in the diagnostic and therapeutic process. He has many types of specialized care for patients with orthopedic pathology. He regularly publishes scientific papers in various medical journals. He has 45 publications in professional journals and collections, 3 of which are patents for invention. Involves students in scientific work, manages the preparation of graduate students and clinical residencies.

14 training phantoms are used for the development of manual skills according to the work program and  students’ preparation for the complex professional-oriented state examination in orthopedic dentistry.

In 2013, equipment was purchased and an office for radiovisiographic research of dental patients was organized, with the possibility of exporting a radiovisiographic image on a local computer network. A dental unit equipped with an intraoral camera was purchased.
 In addition to its own clinical base, dental institutions are used for practical training in orthopedic dentistry: «Vinnytsia City Clinical Dental Center», «Vinnytsia Regional Specialized Clinical Dispensary for Radiation Protection», «Dental office» Kropyvnytskyi street 6/8.

Department of Otorhinolaringology

The department was founded in 1936. The clinic consisted of 10 beds — 1936, in 1937 — 35, in 1950 — 60, in 1980 — 120 beds (80 on the basis of the regional hospital named after M.I. Pirogov and 40 on the basis of the regional children’s hospital), in 2019 — 80 beds (40 at the Vinnytsia Regional Pirogov Hospital, 20 at the Vinnytsia Oblast Children’s hospital and 20 at the Vinnytsia district hospital). In 1980, on the basis of department of the regional hospital. Pirogov organized Ukrainian of scleroma center for 40 beds.

The organizer and the first head of the department was Professor V.P. Yaroslavsky, who  headed the department until 1962. Doctoral dissertation topic: «Third-party respiratory tract». Author of 58 scientific works on inflammatory injuries of ENT organs during the years of the BBB, intracranial otogenic complications, puncture methods of brain abscess treatment. The teaching staff included: Ass. AA Praying mantis, author of 6 scientific works on the spread of scleroma in Vinnytsia region, experimental scleroma and scleroma of the bronchi. as. E.I. Turovich is the author of 4 scientific works on pulmonary gas exchange, diagnostics and treatment of patients with sclerosis as., O.V. Denis was engaged in radiography of patients with sclerosis as PhD Alenhoz N.G. author of 28 scientific works on radio diagnostics and treatment of patients with sclerosis, treatment of chronic tonsillitis, inflammation of the paranasal sinuses, inflammation of the ear.

From 1972 to  2002 the department was headed by Professor K.P. Derepa, author of 188 scientific works on the pathogenesis, diagnosis and treatment of patients with scleroma, surgical treatment of patients with otosclerosis, larynx cancer. The teaching staff included: Ass., PhD O.O. Matsievskaya , author of 15 scientific works on burns and stenoses of the esophagus, scleroma, foreign bodies of the esophagus as., PhD. The artist is the author of 33 scientific works on morphology and histology of laryngeal muscles, inflammation of the nasal cavities of the nose, radioisotope diagnostics and treatment with radioactive cobalt of malignant tumors of the nose and sinuses. Ass. PhD V.S. Bondarenko has published 20 scientific papers on trace element metabolism in patients with sclerosis, treatment of their radon- carbon dioxide in the resort of Khmilnyk. PhD O.S. Cramp is the author of 8 scientific works on water-salt metabolism in patients with sclerosis. Ass. KMN V. Gardiga is the author of 70 scientific works on the treatment of patients with laryngeal cancer, reconstructive plastic operations on the ear and larynx. Assoc. km VI Hemp is the author of 68 scientific papers on the treatment of patients with scleroma, rhinogenic orbital complications in children. Ass. PhD Bartsyhovskyy author of 105 scientific publications, 2 inventions, 42 rationalization propositions on the study of the impact of the environment on the heredity of allergic respiratory diseases and scleroma and study immunogenetic and immunologic features and imunokorrektsiyi respiratory diseases and scleroma.

Since 2002 the department has been headed by Professor V.V. Kishchuk. He defended his doctoral thesis on tonsillary problem. Author of 164 scientific papers. The department is engaged in improvement of methods of diagnostics and conservative treatment of patients with chronic tonsillitis, sclerosis, microsurgical interventions in pathology of vessels of the ear, blistering cavities, larynx, plastic surgeries.

Now the department is working: doc. A.I. Bartsikhovsky, doc. IV Dmitrenko, doc. K.A. Lobko, doc. O.D. Bondarchuk, ass. P.A. Rautskis, ass. Y.P. Gritsun, ass. V.V. Maksymchuk, ass. S.V. Skichko, ass. A.S. Isnyuk

Representatives of the department often give reports at congresses, conferences of the ENT Society, publish their work in magazines, monographs in the periodical press. The employees of the department accept active work in the regional ENT society, and prof. K.P. Derepa has been the chairman for 44 years, and now V.V. Kishchuk is continuing his work.

Much attention is paid to the training of ENT specialists in the Podolsk region. This is evidenced by the fact that of the 128 otolaryngologists working in the Vinnytsia region, 118 former student circles are the ENT departments. Since 1970, the ENT department has organized and supervised the training of interns at Vinnitsa, Khmelnytsky and Zhytomyr oblasts. The department constantly trains clinical interns, graduate students, masters, interns. Clinical residency was completed by 72 otolaryngologists .

Each year the improved material resources department, purchased microscopic endoscope for nasal surgery, the clinic performed all modern surgery ENT organs surgical activity in excess of 80%. On the basis of the department passed the primary specialization of 120 doctors. Interns from ENT diseases of Vinnytsia, Khmelnytsky, Zhytomyr, Kirovograd oblasts are trained, family doctors, ambulance doctors are trained on cycles.

Two inter-republican conferences on problems of scleroma and the All-Ukrainian conference of the ENT Society were held at the department. The ENT department maintains close liaison with health authorities.

Department of Ophthalmology

Department of Ophthalmology in Vinnitsa National Medical University was founded in 1934. Beginning of the department is connected with the name of professor A.G. Vasyutinskii, who came to Kyiv to read lectures to students. From 1937 to 1941 the department was headed by Associate I.D. Danilevskiy. The clinic was located in the Pirogov Regional Hospital and had 36 beds. After liberation of Vinnytsia from Nazi occupation department was established by docent L.H. Henes. At that time there were only 16 beds.

From 1953 to 1969 the Department of Ophthalmology was headed by Professor V.O. Paniova. In 1958 she defended her doctoral thesis on «Estimation methods of processing penetrating wounds of the cornea and corneal-scleral wounds in the clinical and morphological coverage.» In 1963 she founded Regional Scientific Society of Ophthalmologists. The clinic at this time was expanded to 60 beds.

From 1970 to 1987 Prof. L. Ustimenko headed the department. In 1976, at the Clinic of Ophthalmology he organized regional trauma center. Since 1980, the clinic operations conducted on microsurgical level. Professor Y.R.Saldan is the head of the department since September 1988 until 2015.


Department of Pediatric №1

The Department of Pediatrics I is based at the Vinnitsa Regional Clinical  Hospital (108 Hmelnytske Shose) on the first floor of consultative polyclinic. There are 18 lecturers (including 3 doctors habilitatus and 12 MD) at the Department state.

The special feature of the Department is holding lections for foreign students starting from the second course (General Care of Children), which continues at the third course (Propaedeutics of Pediatrics, Nursing). All of foreign and native students study Facultative Pediatrics (4 course) and Neonatology (5 course). The postgraduate studies have significantly expanded: there are Pediatrics and Neonatology trainings during the internship, specialization and pre-certification trainings for neonatologists and family doctors.

Department’s clinical and scientific fields are optimization of newborn care approaches, children Pulmonology, Allergy and Nephrology.



  1. Yablon Olga Stepanivna – MD, Chief, professor.
  2. Kulyk Yaroslava Myhailivna – MD, Head Teacher, associated professor.
  3. Tokarchuk Nadiya Ivanivna – MD, professor.
  4. Procyuk Tetyana Leonidivna – MD, professor.
  5. Pahnyushcha Nina Myhailivna – MD, associated professor.
  6. Rubina Oxana Semenivna – MD, associated professor.
  7. Kapitan Tetiana Volodymyrivna – MD, associated professor.
  8. Chekotun Tetyana Viktorivna – MD, associated professor.
  9. Antonec’ Valentyna Andriivna – MD, associated professor.
  10. Bykovs’ka Olga Arkadivna – MD, associated professor.
  11. Kuslova Julia Oleksiivna – MD, associated professor.
  12. Mazulov Oleksandr Vasyljovych – MD, associated professor.
  13. Savrun Tetjana Igorivna – MD, associated professor.
  14. Gerasymova Olena Viktorivna – MD, associated professor.
  15. Mazur Olena Gennadivna – MD, assistant professor.
  16. Konoplitska Anastasia Petrivna — MD, assistant professor.
  17. Vlasenko Diana Iurivna — MD, assistant professor.
  18. Pugach Marina Mykolaivna —  MD, assistant professor.
  19. Reminna Inna Igorivna — MD, assistant professor.
  20. Nazarenko Olexii Petrovych — assistant.


Department Courses                          

  • Pediatrics (4 course, foreign students)                                 
  • Neonatology (5 course, foreign students)                            
  • Peditrics (Medical Psychology 3 course, 4 course, 5 course, 6 course)
  • Internship in Pediatrics
  • Internship in Neonatology


The History of the Department

The first Department of Children Diseases was established by prof. Bukhanskyj B.P. in 1934. He’s been a Chief for 10 years, then – prof. Razumovskyj A.A became a Chief. Assistant prof. Piotrovska-Veksler had been a Chief for 1951-52, until she was replaced by assistant prof. Krasnogorskyj M.M.

Then associated prof. Mechyns’ka E.M. became a Chief of the Department. Unfortunately, we have no information, who was the teachers of the Department, were it was based and how the classes were carried out.

It was 1964 when Department of Pediatrics was established in Vinnitsa Medical Institute. Oleksandr Gnatyuk became the first Chief and was leading the Department of Childhood Diseases for 27 years. Gnatyuk M.D. has quickly and effectively organized the workflow of the Department, which was based within the Childhood Department at Pirogov Regional Clinical Hospital. In 1980 the Vinnitsa Regional Children’s Hospital was established, and the Department of Childhood Deseases had moved there. Nephrology has been the leading subject for scientific researches of the Department staff. These scientific researches and clinical work were carried out for reducing the morbidity and mortality from acute and chronic diseases of children of all ages. A lot of All-Union nephrology conferences took place at the Medical Institute. The Primary Glomerulonephritis Classification was approved. Pediatric courses were teached for all of the students. Postgraduate and intern trainings constantly took place at the Department. The name of the Department was changed to Pediatrics Department No. 2 in 1982.

During the Gnatuyk’s leading 2 habilitation and 16 MD theses were held. The staff of the Department published a lot of monographs, guidelines and textbooks for students: «Practical Nephrology of Childhood», «Practical Cardiology of Childhood. Diffusion Diseases of Connective Tissue», «Herbal Medicine in Pediatrics,» «Emergency States of Childhood», «Pediatric Oncology», «Practical Pediatric Endocrinology», «Health Food for Childhood Diseases», «Perinatal Nutrition in Young Children Diseases. Infusion Therapy.»

In 1973 a separate Department of Propaedeutics and Faculty Pediatrics was created. To the position of Head. Chair of the competition was chosen professor Larissa Porfirievna Reshetkina was elected as a Head of Department. Lections were hold for the third (Propaedeutic Pediatrics) and fourth (Faculty Pediatrics) courses of the Pediatric Department from 1973 to 1982. The state of the Department was presented by 5 lecturers and 2 assistants. The Base of the Department were a Children’s Department with 60 beds at the 4-th City Hospital and the Children’s Department with 40 beds in Vinnitsa Central Hospital. Since 1982, the amount of teaching expanded due to the Hospital Pediatrics and subtraineeship, thereby it was renamed to the Department of Pediatrics number 1. The main clinical base of the Department was the Regional Children’s Hospital with 400 beds. The state of the Department has grown to 9 lecturers. The training for postgraduates and interns were constantly hold at the Department. Since 1991, pediatrician subtraineeship trainings were introduced as a cycle. Scientific field of the Department was investigations in clinical, immunological, biochemical aspects of pathological conditions of young children associated with prematurity, intrauterine growth retardation, iron deficiency, perinatal diseases and methods for treatment and rehabilitation correction of violations. During this period, three MD thesis were hold (I.S. Gorovyj, O.S. Yablon, N.M. Pahnyuscha).

Departments No. 1 and No. 2 were associated into united Department of Childhood Diseases in 1992. T. K. Nabuhotnyj became a Chief of the Department. He continued Department’s scientific traditions. Under his guidance 2 habilitation (V.P. Pavlyuk and T.V. Sorokman) and 3 MD (I.V. Storogyk, N.I. Sinchyk, O.V. Katilov ) theses were hold.

 Since 1998, the Department is headed by Vladimir G. Grishko. The course of medical genetics is organized, due to what the Department has received the name — Department of Childhood Diseases with a Course of Medical Genetics. The Department continues to study the problems of Pediatric Nephrology, Neonatology, Hematology, Pulmonology, Medical Genetics. A 5-year science-and-practice work is performed by Department staff on «Pyelonephritis and glomerulonephritis features of clinic and course in modern environmental conditions». A curriculum for full-time and part-time internship was developed. Methodological and practical guidelines to educate healthy children, disease prevention in young children, the organization of outpatient care in the city and the countryside, clinical examination and rehabilitation of sick childrenwere published for physicians, students, interns and nurses published.

Prof. Elena Kasyanivna Kablukova became a Chief of the Department in 2001. Keeping traditions of Department laid by it’s founders, prof. A. Hnatiyk and L. Reshotkina, she continued to conduct diverse researches. Scientific studies have been devoted to the study of the etiology, pathogenesis and treatment of acute respiratory infections of childhood, namely a complication of viral respiratory infections in the central nervous system, respiratory system, and kidneys. Later the basis of scientific activity of the Department turned to the Pediatric Nephrology — studies in the incidence, early detection of kidney disease, the study of somatotypes and erythrocyte antigens in adolescents with chronic pyelonephritis, problems of nephrology care for children with nephropathies were carried out. Textbooks for students and interns, «Emergencies in Acute Viral and Bacterial Diseases of Childhood» (O.K. Kablukova), «Lectures on Clinical Neonatology» (O.S. Yablon, O.S. Rubina) were published. State Department consisted of 25 faculty members. During this period, the department held 4 habilitation (V.M. Dudnik, N.I. Tokarchuk, O.S. Yablon, T.L. Protsyuk) and 11 MD theses. In 2008, due to the creation of another Pediatrics Department, the Department was reorganized and given the name of the Department of Pediatrics No. 1. Yablon MD became a Chief in 2010. Assistants Bykovska O.A., Kyslova J.O., Kovtuh T.O. held there MD theses within two years. The textbook “Propadeutics of children’s diseases and nursing of the child” (Kapitan T.), guideline “Neonatology” (Yablon O.S., Rubina O.S.), “Childhood Diseases” (ed. Yablon O.S.) were published.

Department of Pediatric №2

Department of Propedeutics of Internal Medicine


In 1934 according to the order of Folk Commissar of health Protection of Ukraine medical stationary institute was founded in Vinnytsya, which later was named after prominent scientist and surgeon M.I. Pyrogov. 

During of the first two years in the institute exist problem with teaching staff because of absence of the skilled scientific personnel. Later to the institute arrived invited professor of the biochemistry V.S. Kravchenco, professor of the physiology I. A. Sivortsov-Zaginiaev and professor of the therapy B. S. Shkliar from the Kiev medical institute. Since 1936 year the chair began to work valuable.

A department was based in a regional hospital named after M.I. Pyrogov. The head of the department was professor Boris Solomonovich Shkliar. This was a becoming period and simultaneously period of creative activity of the departments.


PERIOD 1944-1954

After liberation of Vynnytsa from fascist’s occupation, the department was headed
by B.S. Shkliar. Soloviov V.A. become his assistant in all businesses the chair. Assistant professor Soloviov V.A. was the pupil of Moscow school of the therapeutics, one of S.P. Obrastsova students. He was a brilliant and gifted scientist. In 1950 professor B.S. Shkliar was appointed as a head of the department of faculty therapy, and assistant professor M.O. Auchev headed the chair of internal illnesses. Base is disposed in the just opened (on 20 august, 1950) railway hospital. In that time at this hospital works such famous doctors as A.G. Pechterev, R.I. Boidic, M.G. Kazakov, V.K. Veduta. 

From 1954 years a chair was led by assistant professor Michail Efimovich Milimovka. Before the work in this chair at Vinnytsya he worked in Odessa. In the years of war was a front doctor, two battle orders have, recipient of an award by many medals. In the rank of major of medical service he was demobilize from army.


PERIOD 1967 -1980 

A department continues to be based in a railway hospital. Ivan Andreevich Rubachuk became a head of the chair, he was one of the first graduating students of the Vinnytsya medical college, who attained the professorial rank. During long time he was the main therapeutics of the Vynnytsia region. In 1969 the chair become the curator of therapeutic separation of the city hospital № 1.


PERIOD 1981 -1993 

Duties of the head of the chair for short time was carry out by assistant professor M.G. Kazakov. Since the October 1981 Michael Borisovich Shkliar becomes the head of the chair.

M.B. Shkliar in 1969 defended dissertation to the degree of doctor of medicine «State of blood circulation during arterial gipotensions of the different genesis». In 1971 under the gaidens of M.B. Shkliar there was the reprinted textbook of «Diagnostician of internal diseases». Due to him this textbook was considerably complemented, the row of new sections is written.

M.B. Shkliar organized and first manager by the department of therapy at faculty of improvement of doctors of the Vinnytsa medical institute of Khmelnitski.

On that time chair develops the problems of cardiology. Clinical trails of new medical preparations of verapamil, nifedipin are passed. Efficiency of rehabilitations measures is studied at ischemic heart disease.  On the chair research work is conducted on the study of influencing of high-voltage current on the work of cordio — vascular system.

At the end of 1993 Michael Borisovich Shkliar drives out of Vynnytsa, and as the head of the cytar was appointed professor Mostovoy Y.M. in 1994.

Very big responsibility lies on the chair of the propedeutic of internal medicine, because we teach to the therapeutic alphabet, we first trick into a future doctor to the bed of the patient, we first take the hand of student in the hand and put her to the heart of suffering human.

Much what we do the first,  and until we will remember and respect our tearchers, until then there will be traditions of big professionalism, humanity, responsibility for business, which does Professor Mostovoy Y.M.

Medical work

The chair of the propedeutic of internal medicine is located on the base of city clinical hospital №1 to address Vynnytsa, street Chmelnitskii highway 96, zip code 21029.

A hospital serves near 75 thousand citizens. The employees of the chair perform consultative and medical work in the following separations of hospital:

  • Therapeutic separation. In the separation is performed consultation of patients according to the graph by professor Mostovoy Y.M. (each thursday), assistant professor Tomashkevich G.I. (seriously sick patients), treatmant of patients the in chambers  conduct assistants of the chair: assistant professor Stepanyuk A.G., Slepchenko N.S., Pentyuk N.O., Kushniruk N.V.
  • Cardiological separation. In the separation is conducted according to the graph of consultation of patients professor Mostovoy Y.M. (Tuesday, Wednesday) in the block of intensive therapy (heart attacks patients) and patients with the severe flow of disease. In the separation consultative work conducted by Soleiko L.P. and Otkalenco O.K. Treatment of patients in chambers is conducted by an assistant professor Rasputina L.V.   
  • Pulmonological separation. In the separation is performed consultation of patients according to the graph by professor Mostovoy Y.M. (Monday, Friday). Also in the separation performed consultation of patients by an assistant professor Konstantinovich T.V. In the chambers patients are treated by assistants of the chair: Demchuk A.V.,  Tkachenco T.V., Ovcharuk M.A., Viltsanyuk O.O.

One time in the month (each 3rd Wednesday in the month) the employees of department hold session of Vinnytsa city therapeutics society. On meetings for a year the therapeutics of city get modern information about the methods of diagnostics and treatment of patients with different diseases. Lectures are represented by leading professors and scientists of Ukraine, employees of department, doctors of the hospital.

One time in the month pathologo-anatomic conference and clinical consideration of hard cases of the diseases is held.

One time in a week in every therapeutic separation abstract conferences are held, where the modern information about new wais of the inspection and treatment of patients are performed.

If necessary the employees of department conduct consultative work of out-patients, and also patients in other medical establishments of city.

Certain part of patients which treat oneself in the separations of hospital in obedience to the informed consent take part in a number of international trails on the study of properties of medications. The employees of department take part in all treatment and prophylactic measures which are performed by administration of the city hospital №1.

Department of Propedeutics of Pediatric Diseases with Patient Care

          Department of Psychiatry

The department of psychiatry of Vinnitsa medical institute was founded in 1935.

Then it was headed by O. K. Sudomir. He was a graduate from Kiev medical institute. Since the first years of the medical activity O. K. Sudomir devoted himself to psychiatry. He had delivered lectures and taught practical classes a skillful. His activity as a scientist covered a large circle of problems – mainly questions of general psychopathology and judicial psychiatry, to which he devoted 25 publications, touched upon both theoretical and practical problems. He wrote the textbook on judicial psychiatry. O. K. Sudomir voluntarily joined the army in 1941. Since 1946 on a direction of the Ministry of public health services Ukrainian SSR   O. K. Sudomir headed the department of psychiatry of Stanislav (Ivano-Frankivsk) medical institute.

After liberating Vinnitsa from the German occupation in 1944 professor O. A. Zaitsev was engaged in reorganization and restoration of the department and the psycho-neurology hospital. Prof. O. A. Zaitsev was a graduate from Leningrad medical institute. Before that for 14 years prof. O. A. Zaitsev had headed the psychiatric department of Yerevan medical institute and the Republican psychiatric hospital in Yerevan (Armenia).

Prof. O. A. Zaitsev was a talented organizer and scientist, which possessed a priority in the description of a “symptom of a mirror” in mentally patients (1952). At that time the basic direction of his activity was the study of the schizophrenia problems (the report „The clinical study about a schizoid” at the All-Union congress of neuropathologists and psychiatrists in Moscow), a progressive paralysis in mental patients (the report at the All-Ukrainian congress of psychiatrists, and also the articles in the Parisian medical and psychological journal). The known works by prof. O. A. Zaitsev were the monographies “To the study of a suicidal phenomenon in mental patients and psychopaths” and “The clinic of an acute and chronic poisoning with tetra-ethyl-lead”. For the work on the development of psychiatry in Vinnitsa prof. O. A. Zaitsev  was awarded to the medal “For the valiant labour” and to the Gratitude of the Ministry of the public health of the Ukrainian SSR “For the restoration of Vinnitsa psychiatric hospital”.

From 1955 to 1960 and from 1963 to 1971 the department was headed by professor A. A. Mizruhin – the man of a talent and a rich soul. He was the scientific chief not only for the teachers of department, but also for all doctors-psychiatrists of the regional centre. The central place in the scientific heritage of prof. A. A. Mizruhin belongs to the problems of the geriatric psychiatry, mental changes at the physiological and pathological old age, the atherosclerosis vessels of the brain. There were defended the candidate dissertations devoted to the atherosclerotic psychoses problems (G. A. Vievska, A. K. Rimsha, P. P. Timoschuk, A. M. Milimovka), the problems of the presenile psychoses (O. V. Chernish and E. V. Stolarchuk). At that time the department and practical doctors conducted a large work on studying the spreading of mental diseases among the inhabitants of Vinnitsa area (R. L. Marianchik, V. E. Buzanova, R. I. Veretinska, Z. G. Lifshits, I. I. Gumeniuk, I. S. Olkhova, M. M. Ikhteiman, O. P. Giritch, N. M. Stupnitska, I. O. Obukhova). Under the guidance of prof. A. A. Mizruhin the subject of the combined treatment schizophrenia was developed as well. To this problem were devoted the candidate and doctor’s dissertations of O. T. Danilenko. He was the chief of the psychiatry department in Lviv medical institute. Prof. A. A. Mizruhin wrote the works “Treatment by sleeping” and “Psychohygiene of the intellectual work”, also four collections of scientific works were issued, five republican scientific conferences were held. Under his management there were defended six candidate dissertations and one doctor’s dissertation.

From 1960 to 1963 the department of psychiatry was headed by the senior lecturer B. V. Sharov, which for the first time in Ukraine organized the EEG-laboratory in the psychiatric clinic and widely applied this method of research in practice. His candidate dissertation was devoted to EEG-researches at the circular psychosis, and his publications – to EEG-researches in the atherosclerosis of the brain vessels, traumatic psychoses, dementias, the progressive paralysis in insane, the convulsive syndromes.

From 1972 to 1985 the main direction of the scientific work of the department under the guidance of its chief professor G. A. Viyevska was the research of the alcoholic psychoses   course in inhabitants of countryside, contacted with pesticides. At that time the teachers of the department were the senior lecturer A. K. Rimsha, assistants V. E. Buzanova, P. P. Timoschuk, A. M. Milimovka, L. M. Guchenko, N. S. Markhovska, M. I. Tonkal. In 1979 at the department the courses of improvement of qualification of the doctors were created, which were transformed into a separate department of upgrade doctor’s skills in 1987.

From 1985 to 1994 under the guidance of a senior lecturer V. E. Buzanova, the teachers of the department were engaged into the development of the problem of applying enterosorbents in treatment of mental diseases. For that period the doctor’s dissertation by S. V. Rimsha, both candidate and doctor’s dissertations by an assistant N. G. Pshuk were defended.

In 1995, the Department has been headed by doctor of medical sciences, Professor Rymsha Sofiya Vitaliyevna. Since that time, the main direction of scientific work of the Department under the supervision of the head of Department is the study of clinic, course and treatment of mood disorders of exogenous origin. During this time, dissertations defended Serebrennikova O.A.,  Krivonos T.G., Stucan S.V., Teklyuk L.V.

In 2008, with the formation of the new Department of medical psychology and Psychiatry» base Department was renamed the «Department of Psychiatry and Narcology”. Currently, employees of the Department of Psychiatry and Narcology are conducting research in the field of solving urgent problems of modern psychiatry and narcology, and most academic work marked by transition to teaching on European credit-module system of education (ECTS).

Department  of Pediatric  Dentistry

It was founded in September 1998 by the faculty of the Vinnitsa State Medical University M.I. Pirogov. On 01.10.99., the Department launched the new base at the address. Vasyl Stus, 2/19 (2nd academic building of Vinnytsia National Medical University named after M.I.Pirogov), with a total area of ​​350 m2, the effective area of ​​250 m2. In these areas allocated 7 clinical rooms, which are 11 dental units. In these rooms held teaching medical, dental surgery and prevention of dental diseases, Hall orthodontic, dental laboratory, a room for the central sterilization of instruments, materials, 2 phantom classes and methodical study.

The Head chair  of the Department of  Pediatric Dentistry of Vinnitsya National Medical University by M.I. Pirogov since its inception, Associate Professor, PhD – Y. V. Filimonov. In 1978, he graduated from Donetsk Medical Institute, and from 1981 to 1998 he worked in Ivano-Frankivsk Medical Academy. During this time he has 50 articles on current issues in the early diagnosis and treatment of anomalies of the teeth-jaw apparatus of his own invention. In 1992 he defended his research work «The treatment of the teeth-jaw anomalies arc removable device» in Kiev. Registered 4 patents, 11 innovations, 10 papers at scientific international conferences. According to the implementation plan is conducted doctoral Assoc. Filimonov J.V. «Bioprogressive technology for diagnosis, prognosis and treatment of the teeth-jaw deformities.» Fully completed statistical analysis of measurement results of diagnostic models. On the subject of the planned doctoral registered patent «Calculation and construction of the arc of the dentition» filing receipt number 9243 of 27.01.04. Improved diagnostics for ZSCHA own technique. A computer program for the diagnosis of the teeth-jaw deformities. Designed bitelock planning stages of treatment orthodontic patients.

Assoc. Filimonov Y. V. conducted 30 appearances on the television program on the development and operation of the department.

Brazhenko Y.F., 1954, graduated from Donetsk Medical Institute. Gorky in 1977 Dentistry. At the Department of pediatric dentistry in Vinnytsia National Medical University named after M.I. Pirogov is since 2000. Performs workload of 900 semester hours, including 34 hours of lecture.PhD in 1989, associate professor. Ph.D. degree in a specialized scientific council of Lviv State Medical University on «bridges to cast parapulparnyh pins». He is the author of 35 published articles including 5 monographs, 30 innovations, 5 patents, 15 appearances.

Prof. Shuvalov S.G. worked for the department from 2000-2005, graduated from the Irkutsk Medical Institute, Faculty of Dentistry in 1973, MD, professor, doctor of the highest category. At the end of medical school from 1973 to 1977 he worked as a dental surgeon in Minusinsk, Krasnoyarsk Territory. From 1977 to 1979 studied in clinical internship in Irkutsk Medical Institute at the Department of Operative Dentistry, and then from 1979 to 1990 worked as assistant chair dental surgery Krasnoyarsk Medical Institute. From 1980 to 1984 he worked as assistant to the dean, was active in the creation of the Faculty of Dentistry. Conducts workshops and lectures for students of III-V courses.

In 1987, in Omsk defended his thesis «The treatment of purulent wounds in odontogenicphlegmon using properties of semi-permeable membranes.» Is the author of 109 publications, including 1 book, 2 manuals, 3 guidelines, 3 inventions and 26 Innovations. In 1999 he defended his doctoral thesis entitled «Oropharyngeal Cancers» (Kiev). Since 2005 he has been the head of the department of surgical dentistry.

Completion of the intended research topic department «Prevention, diagnosis and treatment of major dental diseases and residents of Vinnytsia region affected by the Chernobyl accident,» registration letter No. 03-481 of 04.09.02, Registration number 0102v003631. Stroki 1.01.2002-1.12 execution of scientific topics. 2006. In January-March 2003, conducted patent-information study on R & D department for the 1993-2003r. Epidobsledovanie conducted on the basis of secondary schools in the city of Vinnitsa.

Planned new scientific theme of the Department «Prevention, diagnosis, treatment of  oral diseases of сhildren and  teenegers of Podollyan region». To date, we continue to work toward the accumulation of clinical material, improvement of diagnostic methods and standardized algorithms for diagnosis, collation, analysis and synthesis.

At scientific conferences were published 30 articles, 5 presentations within the Vinnytsia region, 2 in the report — Ivano-Frankivsk, 2 reports at the II Congress of the Ukrainian Dental 22-24 February, a report in Moscow, Leipzig, Turkey, Germany.

Isakova N.M. successfully completed dissertation «The combinet treatment of patients with purulent inflammation of Maxillary Facial area with antibiotics» in Kiev in December 25, 2005 and awarded her the title of candidate of medical sciences. Isakova N.M. printed an article the development of the department in the newspaper «Vinnichiny». Іsakova N.M. received associate certificate 12 DC number 031626 dated 26.09.2012.

Defended his thesis for the scientific degree of candidate of medical sciences Dmitriev M.O. «Features and odontokefalometriс performance in adolescents with ortognatic bite» 30 November 2005, and awarded him the title of candidate of medical sciences.

Department of Therapeutical Stomatology

The Department of Therapeutic Dentistry was established in October 1996. It was one of the first at the Dental Faculty of Vinnitsa National Medical University named after M.I. Pirogov. The sources of creation of departments of the dental faculty were, first of all, the rector of the university, academician V.M. Frost and Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry Candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor T.T. Postolovskaya. The first head of the department from 1996 to 2014 was Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor V.M. Kuligin. During the management of the department, she organized educational, methodological, scientific and medical work. The first base of the department was 3 training rooms in 30 Blocks street. From 1999 to 2005 The main base of the department was the dental department of the military hospital. Then the main base was in the research center of Vinnytsia National Medical University in 11 Medvedev street, which consisted of 3 treatment rooms. Practical classes were also held on the bases of dental offices at Vinnitsa Building College and Vinnitsa National Agrarian University. The first teaching staff consisted of 7 teachers.

In March 2015 the department was headed by Assoc. Shinkaruk-Dikovitskaya Maria Mikhailovna. In February 2016, the department changed its location, the main base is now located in a new spacious room in 2/19Stus  street, has a large clinical room for 7 dental units, 5 training rooms, equipped with dental units each, sterilizing with new equipment, an assistant room with modern office equipment, a dressing room for students. And also there is a base in NDC on 11 Amosov street,  and a training class in the morphological building of Vinnytsia National Medical University after M.I Pirogov. Under the direction of the new head — MD, prof. Shinkaruk-Dikovitskaya M.M. the department staff works successfully: associate professor , PhD. L.O. Kovalchuk, associate professor. N.G. Gadzhula, associate professor. L.F. Kurdysh, associate professor. M.A. Gorai, associate professor. I.M. Gorlenko, associate professor. O.I. Kutelmach, associate professor. A.V. Povshenyuk, associate professor. T.V. Fedyk, associate professor. O.V. Muntian, associate professor. O.Y. Pylypiuk, ass. Filimonova S.O., associate professor T.O.Tepla, ass. Aleksyeyenko N.S. and ass. Vakhovskyi V.V.

The staff of the department issued educational and methodical manuals «Features of the course and treatment of dental caries and its complications in childhood», «Caries of teeth», «Pulpit», a training manual for English-speaking students of dental faculties of higher medical educational institutions of the Precinct ІVІІ ІІІ Dentistry», which helps improve the training of dental students.
Educational and methodological work occupies a significant place in the activity of the department. At the Department of Therapeutic Dentistry students are engaged in 2, 3, 4, 5 courses. During the study of the subject students take 4 differentiated credits, transfer and state exams, write educational and academic medical history. 2 year students study propaedeutics of therapeutic dentistry. At the end of the course, students take a differentiated credit. The 3rd year students study odontopathology (dental caries, non-carious lesions, pulpitis, periodontitis). After 3 years, students take a transfer exam in the subject. The 4th year students study periodontal tissue diseases. At the end of the course, students take a differentiated credit. 
Students of the 5th year in the 9th semester study diseases of the mucous membrane of the oral cavity, take a differentiated test; in the X semester they are subordinate, take a differentiated credit. After the 5th year the graduates pass the complex practically-oriented state exam in the specialty «Dentistry». The staff of the department created a bank of test tasks and complex qualification works, as well as models, phantoms, photos, slides, videos and other teaching aids for students’ training.

The staff of the department has published more than 300 scientific papers in domestic journals and abroad, articles are included in various scientific and metric bases, Web of Science, Scopus, received more than 20 patents for inventions, published information sheet, created a computer program. They regularly participate in the work of scientific, scientific-practical and methodological conferences, congresses, workshops and webinars on dentistry, visit dental exhibitions in Ukraine and abroad. They are members of NGO «Association of Dentists of Ukraine» and NGO «Association of Doctors — periodontists of Ukraine «.

Department of Phthisiology with a Course in Clinical Immunology and Allergology

Department of Surgery of Medicine faculty №2

Department of Surgery №1

Course of  Urology

Department of Surgery №2

Medical work

The medical-consulting work is one of the priority directions of activity of the Department of Surgery №2 with the course «Fundamentals of Dentistry».

 Department of Surgery No.2 Vinnytsia National Medical University them. E. Pirogov is located on the bases of surgery and endoscopy and purulent-septic surgery at Vinnitsa City Clinical Hospital of Emergency Medical Services.

The Department of Surgery and Endoscopy has a specialized Center for Surgery of the Liver, Extrahepatic biliary tract and pancreas, and provides assistance to patients with immediate and planned abdominal surgical pathology around the clock.

A separate unit is the department of polytrauma, where 24/7 assistance is provided to patients with injuries of the abdominal cavity, chest, combined body trauma, polytrauma.

 Head of the Department, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Pokidko MI and staff of the department conduct daily rounds of patients in the intensive care units and intensive care units and surgical wards, consult patients in all wards of Vinnitsa City Clinical Emergency Hospital, make sanitation visits, perform surgical interventions and increase the complexity of the city. area.

Course of Basic Stomatology

Department of Surgical Dentistry

Department of Oral — Maxillofacial Surgery (second in Ukraine) was opened in Vinnytsia Oblast Clinical Hospital. Pirogov in April 1960 in the adaptation of premises — the former home of the chief doctor for 30 beds. The first head of department was M.F. Pshenichny 1960 — 1967.   Since 1960, the office is the base rate of the basics of dentistry Vinnytsia National Medical University that from 1960 to 1973, headed by Professor S.M.Pravednikov, an active participant of the Great Patriotic War. His doctoral thesis was on the experience of the treatment of the wounded and was called «the wounded heart.» Worked with him S.M. Solomenny that was previously head of the course the basics of dentistry Chernivtsi Medical University, now retired and P.A. Lozenko — now assistant professor of Odessa Medical University. From 1968 to 1973, the department was headed by A.D. Verigina, now retired. She worked L.I. Fateeva, V.B.Bulichov and A.A. Yaschuk.   In the spring of 1973 to September 1992 he worked V.T. Tkachenko department supervisors. He’s worked Voznyuk GD from 1978 to the present; Lanets AA (1979 to 1986) — now the dentist Novodnestrovskaya CRH Chernivtsi region; Zhelikhovsky D.P. (1986 to 1992). In 1981, the office was opened, «Tumors of the head-neck», which translated into patients with cancer. Since 1992, the department was headed by MD S.M. Shuvalov. In 1992. recruited E.M. Sheyko, a retired lieutenant colonel and former military dentist, now Assistant Department of Surgical Dentistry and Maxillofacial Surgery Vinnytsia National Medical University, to the position of the doctor-intern Jaremenko N.N. and in 1993 Matusiak I.J. In 1995 he built an extension to the main room, which greatly improved the working conditions. Area Branch was increased 2-fold, thereby creating the conditions for placing the Department of Operative Dentistry. In 1997, 20 beds allocated for dental patients in the City Hospital ambulance, which provides emergency assistance to the urban patients.  In 2000, recruited V.V.Nagaychuk now Assistant of the Department of Operative Dentistry Vinnytsia National Medical University, and in 2005 a doctor-intern Malakhovskaya AA, now MD, PhD, Department of Operative Dentistry and Maxillofacial Surgery. In 1996 he founded the Department of Surgical Dentistry Vinnytsia National Medical University named after Pirogov. The first head of the department was Gorlenko Alexander, who in 1970-1975 he studied at the Dnepropetrovsk Medical Institute at the faculty. Worked in Krivoy Rog, where he finished his internship in surgical dentistry and qualified dental surgeon category III, worked as an intern maxillofacial department of Dnipropetrovsk Regional Clinical Hospital named after Mechnikov. The competition was elected assistant in the Department of Operative Dentistry of the Crimean Medical Institute. In 1993, Specialized Academic Council of the Crimean Medical Institute, defended his thesis for the degree of Candidate of Medical Sciences on the theme «Regeneration soft tissue wounds of the maxillofacial region in the complex treatment with mud packs.» In 1996, he was awarded the rank of Associate Professor, Department of Operative Dentistry. Author 61 scientific papers. Received 6 inventor’s certificates and 2 declarative patents. During the operation of separation reserved three PhD theses M.F. Pshenichny (1967). S.M. Straw (1967), A.D. Verigina (1980) and doctoral dissertation — Shuvalov S.M. (1999). From 2004 to 2005 worked as department supervisors Matusiak I.J., now assistant chair of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery — Maxillofacial Surgery Vinnytsia National Medical University named after Pirogov. From May 2005 to contest the post of Head of the Department of Operative Dentistry elected professor. Shuvalov S.M.   Shuvalov Sergey 1950 year of birth, graduated from the Irkutsk Medical Institute, Faculty of Dentistry in 1973, Doctor of Medicine, professor, worked for 36 years, doctor of the highest category. After graduating from medical school from 1973 to 1977 he worked as a dental surgeon in Minusinsk, Krasnoyarsk Territory. From 1977 to 1979 he studied in clinical internship Irkutsk Medical Institute at the Department of Operative Dentistry, and then from 1979 to 1990 he worked as an assistant of the Department of Operative Dentistry Krasnoyarsk Medical Institute. In the period from 1980 to 1984 he worked as assistant to the dean, took an active part in the creation of the Faculty of Dentistry. Conducted workshops and lectures for students of III-V courses. In 1987, in the city of Omsk defended his thesis «The treatment of purulent wounds with odontogenic phlegmon using semipermeable membranes». Author of 160 publications, including the 1st monograph, 4 manuals, 57 guidelines, 7 and 31 inventions innovations. In 1999 he defended his doctoral thesis on «Malignant tumors of the oropharynx» (Kiev). In 1975, the courses of specialization in surgical dentistry (m.Krasnoyarsk), in 1982 — Training Courses for Military Maxillofacial Surgery Naval Academy. SM Kirov (Leningrad) in 1986 — Faculty training MMSI (Moscow), in 1987 r.TsOLIUV (Moscow), DIDUL (Leningrad), 1992. — OSC Oncology Medical Sciences (Moscow), 1993. Kiev Institute of Advanced Training of Physicians, 1994. — Ukrainian Research Institute of Oncology, in 2002. National Medical University. Bogomoltsa 1991. — In the Department of Maxillofacial and Plastic Surgery Hospital «Victoria», London, Ontario, Canada. From 1987 to 1989 he was on a business trip in the Yemen Arab Republic as a maxillofacial surgeon. From 1990-1992 he worked as an attending physician department «Head and neck tumors» Regional Oncology Center, which was carried out the bulk of the research work, introduced new techniques surgery to remove tumors of the oral pharynx. From 1992 he worked in the Vinnytsia Regional Hospital im.NIPirogov on as head of the maxillofacial department. At the initiative of S.M. Shuvalov on the basis of the regional children’s hospital established a regional center to help children with disorders of the maxillofacial region. Shuvalov S.M. — Freelance regional maxillofacial surgeon KM is actively involved in regional scientific conferences, a member of the Board of Vinnytsia regional branch of the Ukrainian Dental Association. Constantly travels to areas of the region to carry out planned and emergency surgical interventions. Since 2000 he has worked at the department of pediatric dentistry Vinnitsa National Medical University named after N.I. Pirogov as a professor. In 2003-2006, prof. Shuvalov S.M. participated and presented papers at international conferences in Italy (Ferrara), Latvia (Riga), Montenegro and Serbia (Novi Sad), Austria (Salzburg), Russia (Moscow) on that all relevant certificates . In 2004 and 2006 he participated in the international seminar on «Congenital person» and the European Conference on Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery «East — West — Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery» at the Latvian State University, Stradina (Riga). Under the guidance of prof. Shuvalov reserved 5 PhD theses, dissertations carried out 3. Prepared 11 medical residents, 8 of whom are citizens of foreign countries, 22 interns and 5 masters in dental surgery. In 2005, at the II Congress of Ukrainian Dental awarded the Diploma of Ukrainian Dental Association. Is a member of the European Association of cranio-maxillo-facial surgery since 2003. Currently, the department has 4 associate professors and 3 PhD, 6 assistants. The department is located at the base of the Vinnytsia Oblast Clinical Hospital named after N.I. Pirogov, urban hospital emergency room number 2, Oncology Center, Regional Children’s Hospital, City dental clinic, dental center «Prior». On the basis of Vinnutsia National University named after Pirogov conducted workshops for students 3, 4, 5 courses. During the practical training is being promoted maximum approaching students for practice. Teaching surgical dentistry and maxillofacial surgery is performed systematically, each element assimilated based on previously acquired knowledge and skills. To ensure the acquisition of knowledge is carried out repetition and summarizing previously studied and new material. Means of professionally- oriented knowledge is to solve non-standard clinical case studies. In order to improve the learning process, students take part in rounds Professor and Head department. Training of students is carried out with the help of television equipment. Operation is demonstrated in the forward and in the written mode, running and dressing. At the Department of the students actively participate in the Student Scientific Society. Teachers of the department annually prepare command dental students to participate in the spirit of competition «Dental Brain Ring» in 2011, our students took the 1st place among the top 15 teams from Ukraine, Russia and Belarus. In the maxillofacial department VOKB named after Pirogov work professor, doctor of Medical Sciences., Chairmain S.M. Shuvalov, who is the curator of this department, MD Malakhovskaya A.A., Ph.D. Shkilnyak L.I., Al. Bedik O.V., MD Nagaichuk V.V. Employees of the department annually take part in regional, national and international dental conferences and congresses. From 2005 to the present department heads Jaremenko N.N. The department has 4 attending physician, including 2 doctors occupy a shallow position, 2 clinical-residents, as well as 3 assistants. The Department of almost annually trained doctors-interns. The department carried out all kinds of plastics in congenital and acquired defects, as well as orthognathic surgery, patients are treated with injuries and inflammatory processes, with tumors of the maxillofacial region. Per year on average being treated about 1,400 patients, conducted about 1,500 operations. During its existence the department made ​​32 inventions and 106 innovations. In 2001, allocated 10 beds at Children’s Regional Hospital, where operations for children with congenital disorders and emergency care.

Department of Skin and Veneral Diseases