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The Faculty of General Medicine includes 38 departments, including 23 clinical and 15 theoretical ones. Among the departments are 5 fundamental, 4 humanitarian and socio-economic, as well as 31 professionally-oriented profiles. There are 469 teachers, out of which 336 have a degree, including 67 doctors and 269 candidates. The most prominent figures of the Faculty are Institute’s State Prize of Ukraine Professor O. Gnatyuk, Honored Worker of Science of Ukraine, Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine, Hero of Ukraine Rector V. N. Frost, Academician of Higher School of Ukraine G. K. Paly, as well as 4 Honored Scientists of Ukraine, Honored With Inventor and Innovator of Ukraine, 2 Honoured Worker of Education of Ukraine, 16 members of international, foreign and alternative academies, 8 distinguished doctors of Ukraine.

Highly-qualified faculty staff provides an introduction to the educational process and practice of new medical technologies and techniques. In the 2005/2006 school year, a credit-modular form of training students was introduced which required significant organizational and educational support.

Teaching staff is actively working on the creation and publication of textbooks and academic papers. Throughout the years, works of such professors as O. I. Gnatyuk, B. F. Mazorchuk, P. P. Shaparenko, V. M. Frost, A. V. Frost, I. I. Hayimzon, N. V. Yoltuhivskyy, R. P. Piskun, V. I. Denysyuk, I. V. Serheta, B. M. Puhlyk, S. P. Zhuchenko, A. N. Haystruk, B. A. Bolyuh, V. S. Tarasiuk and many others have been published.

The Faculty staff is involved in the implementation of six public health programs:

  • The National Program on HIV Prevention,
  • Care and Treatment of HIV-infected and AIDS patients,
  • The Oncology program,
  • The program “Prevention and treatment of hypertension”, 
  • The comprehensive program “Diabetes”
  • The National Program to combat tuberculosis.

The mentioned programs’ goals are quality improvement of health of all population groups, addressing the medical and social issues of the demographic crisis, ensuring public methods of early diagnosis of the most common dangerous diseases issues for the needs of the entire population of available family medicine and others.

The Department of Basic Disciplines and Theoretical Department are located within the morphological building and educational building No. 2. These Departments operate with the use of modern equipment specialized centers equipped with computer control programs, essential teaching materials and modern medical and diagnostic equipment.. Hospital Outpatient Department, on the basis of which students study, amounts to 3,460 visits per day.

Taking into account the contribution to the teaching work of general surgery faculty Ministry of Health of Ukraine approved as a reference to the relevant departments of medical universities.

In the organization of scientific and methodological support, vocational training is taken into account (thanks to sociological studies on the results of a survey of students and managers of health care). The Faculty of General Medicine is based on a transparent system of monitoring learning activities departments and quality mastering the material; the departments and created packages of varying complexity are used to stage the base, current and final control training students in various semesters of study.

Teachers clinical departments carry out medical and advisory work in key areas of hospitals implementing new methods and technologies of treatment and diagnosis into the practice of medical institutions, as well as performing the most complex operations.