• Address: 56, Pirogova Str., 21018,
    Vinnytsya, Ukraine

  • Call Us: +38(099)072-1963

The Preparatory Department is a unique structural unit of one of the oldest medical universities in Ukraine — Vinnytsia National Medical University, which is named after the surgeon and scientist Pirogov whose ideas and practical experience massively contributed to the state of modern medicine.

The pedagogical staff of the Department works under the direction of Dean Vasilyenko Galina Leonidovna. The Preparatory Department has a number of associate professors, candidates of science and senior teachers who are proficient in the language teaching methods. The department was specifically created to solve all initial problems of a foreign student and, above all, the problem of language and communication. The department comprises the Department of Ukrainian Studies (headed by Professor Vasilenko) and the Department of Natural Disciplines (headed by Professor Rybak).

The essential subjects are Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Geography and Mathematics. There is a system of individual lessons and consultations. Teachers prepare students for the first study year and take the knowledge obtained in educational institutions at different levels in different countries of the world into account.

Language learning begins with the first minutes of students’ stay in the country. An effective system of education and educational process is the basis of teaching fluent communication between international students and locals.

In addition to educational work, the teaching staff performs a huge amount of extra-curricular activities. For example, they introduce students to the history of the university, the city and the country. The Department also deals with national festivals, holidays, field trips and meetings.

Students are provided with modern comfortable dormitories. These are double and triple rooms. Each room has an individual set of furniture and a refrigerator. Each unit has a toilet with a sink, shower and bath. The hostel provides safe accommodation with 24/7 security. Additionally, there are storage rooms for students’ free use.