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Why is it necessary for a foreign student to study at a preparatory faculty?


Without knowledge of the language it is impossible to communicate in the hostel, on the street, in the store, at the reception at the doctor — they speak everywhere in Ukrainian or Russian.

Beginning in the second year, students are practicing in city hospitals. Their patients are Ukrainian people. The patient’s knowledge of the patient’s language is a prerequisite for communicating with him in the hospital.

The Preparatory Faculty is a unique, special faculty that will help to quickly adapt the future student, to familiarize with the mentality and traditions of the country, to learn the peculiarities of behavior in Ukraine, to learn their rights and responsibilities.

Students come to study with different levels of knowledge in specialized disciplines and they do not always meet the requirements of education in Ukraine. The Preparatory Faculty helps to systematize the students’ knowledge gained at school and to prepare them for further successful learning.

Knowledge of the language gives another choice. After graduation, the student will be able to study in one group with Ukrainian students, which is better for education.


Other costs for daily life:

Transportation costs — $ 10-20 each month

Breakfast, lunch and dinner, University Cafe — $ 3-7